Title Author Full Cycle Created Updated Sort ascending
Modeling Elements of Communication Online Cheri Hebert Yes
Active learning review activities for MAT 142 Dorothy Miller Yes
Multiple Intelligences Roxan Arntson Yes
Social Change with Regards to Gender? Finals Week Public Service Announcement Activity Olga Tsoudis No
Using Discussion Rubrics in Canvas to Improve Student Posts Peter Turner Yes
"I love statistics": How mastery learning changed students' learning display_name_fallback Yes
Improving Successful Completion Rates in Intermediate Algebra (MAT121) Michelle Breaux Yes
Full STEAM Ahead!: An Assessment of EMCC's First Exposition Fair Norma Jimenez Hernandez Yes
Trigonometry: Teaching concepts "out of order" and contextualizing content Becky Baranowski Yes
All-USA Scholarship - Improved Writing Rubrics Roselyn Turner Yes
Using a Single-Point Rubric Online Kelly Loucy Yes
So you think you know about gender? the journal entry- Week 1 and Week 16 Olga Tsoudis Yes
Ask Me Redesign to Better Leverage Existing Resources Jake Ormond Yes
Field Experience Experience! Peter Turner Yes
Utilizing Canvas Outside of the Classroom Jake Ormond Yes
The "Learning" in Service Learning Roselyn Turner Yes
Traditional Calculus vs. Learning Community Becky Baranowski Yes
APA References Jennifer Elliott No
SAC Closing the Loop Luncheon Spring 2021 Catherine Cochran No
SAC's Assessment Matters Fall 2020 Catherine Cochran No
SAC Closing the Loop Virtual Luncheon Fall 2020 Catherine Cochran No
Writing and Implementing a CLO: Using Learning Mastery Goals to Measure Student Success Jill Santy No
Changing the learning modality in a BIO205 hybrid class: lessons learned Nancy Schmidt No
SAC's Celebration of Learning Spring 2021 Catherine Cochran No