Title Author Full Cycle Created Updated Sort ascending
Spring 2024 IL Assessment Pilot Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
All-USA Scholarship Selection Process Roselyn Turner Yes
Improve Research and Citation Skills Through Librarian Consultation Peter Turner Yes
Substantive Program Reviews James Waugh Yes
Bored of the Same Reading Quizzes? Try the SPUNKI! Analicia Buentello Yes
Curricular Models for Sustainable Undergraduate Research Dwain Desbien No
First Online Math Course! Andrew Burch No
Summer Success Institute - Round 1 Melinda Sanchez No
Assessment Happens Fall 2015 Erik Huntsinger Yes
Bridging Services Linguistically Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
Mechanics Understanding in PHY121/111 Dwain Desbien Yes
PHY131 LC vs Traditional 131 Dwain Desbien No
Authentic Assessment in Health Care Spanish Trino Sandoval No
Civic Engagement and Responsibility Curriculum Infusion Project Jeffrey Miller No
CATS Nip: Increasing Gen Ed Abilities Assessment Participation James Waugh Yes
Intersectionality: The Importance of All Social Categories in the Gender Discussion Olga Tsoudis Yes
Love Your Body-Assessing Events on Campus Olga Tsoudis Yes
Peer Mentors in Developmental English Classes Anastasia Amabisca Yes
Just FLIP it! "Flipping" a lesson for a Hybrid class. Peter Turner Yes
Using the Online writing center for better results on essays in Reading Steven Peist No
Wellness In The Classroom Lyle Bartelt No
Assessment of Assessment Happens Spring 2017 Peter Turner Yes
The Big 4? Exploring the Integration of Critical Inquiry into a Culturally Diverse, Globally Aware, and Social/Behaviorally Dominated Course Christopher Coleman No
Well That Didn't Work Bronwen Steele Yes
Writing and Implementing a CLO: Using Learning Mastery Goals to Measure Student Success Jill Santy No