Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort descending Updated
Increasing Group Accountability with a Contract Peter Turner No
Facilitating a Whole-Class Research Project Peter Turner No
Inquiry-Based Learning Project Peter Turner No
ECN211 Fall 2011 Common Final Exam Erik Huntsinger Yes
ECN212 Fall 2011 Common Final Erik Huntsinger Yes
Software Optimization - Photoshop CS5 Valerie Akuna Yes
Practicum Amy Heck No
Mechanics Understanding in PHY121/111 Dwain Desbien Yes
Library Skills for CPD Nikol Price Yes
Civic Engagement and Responsibility Curriculum Infusion Project Jeffrey Miller No
CPD 150 Common Final display_name_fallback No
Did Anyone Pay Attention? General Assessment On Gender Issues Olga Tsoudis Yes
Using Learning Journals in Anatomy and Physiology 2 Weiru Chang Yes
Information Literacy Assessment Terry Meyer Yes
Active Reading Method for Engaged Student Learning Michael Boring No
ECN211 Spring 2012 Common Final Erik Huntsinger Yes
ECN212 Spring 2012 Common Final Erik Huntsinger Yes
Review of Chemistry storyline for 151/152 Levi Torrison Yes
COM263 Intercultural Sensitivity Assessment Roselyn Turner Yes
COM100 Group Research & Symposium Assignment Roselyn Turner Yes
Technique Presentations in PED 101KB Natalie Rivera No
Lifetime Fitness - Scientific Inquiry Assessment Lyle Bartelt No
SCGR Culture and Diversity Research Paper Rachel Holmes Yes
SCGR The Debate Over Inclusion Rachel Holmes Yes
An Enhanced Jigsaw approach to teach Cell Parts (BIO181/156) Rachel Smith Yes