Title Author Sort descending Full Cycle Created Updated
Using Desmos to Support the Chain Rule Yes
Coherent Writing for ESL Students Adriana White Yes
Calendar Sync Optimized Alison England Yes
Best Practices for Online course with Required Service Learning Alison England No
How increased utilization of student paced Adaptive Learning improved course outcomes Amber Chapman Yes
Practicum Amy Heck No
Observation Struggles! Amy Heck No
Creating teamwork and collaboration through the use of Popsicle sticks Amy Johnson No
Flashcards and Critical Thinking Amy Weibel Yes
Go to the Head of the Class Amy Weibel Yes
Bored of the Same Reading Quizzes? Try the SPUNKI! Analicia Buentello Yes
Peer Mentors in Developmental English Classes Anastasia Amabisca Yes
Helping Students Choose Appropriate Topics for their Speeches Andrea Stiles No
Using new mathematics program to increase learning Andrew Burch Yes
First Online Math Course! Andrew Burch No
Switching Groups - Encouraging Class Comradery Andrew Burch No
MAT151 Online Orientation Andrew Burch No
Physics Final Presentation in Cooperation with the Writing Center Angela McClure Yes
Calc/Phys Learning Community Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Angela McClure Yes
Physics Explanations and Relevance Angela McClure No
Journal Checklist Angela McClure Yes
But I’m too young!! “A case study of ovarian cancer” Anil Kapoor No
Use of virtual flash cards to study a foreign language (Quizlet) Anna Chabrowski No
Effective Helping in a Diverse World Annette Bourne No
Bringing Science into Beginning Algebra Becky Baranowski Yes