Title Sort descending Author Full Cycle Created Updated
ECN211 Fall 2011 Common Final Exam Erik Huntsinger Yes
Have better results in class group work display_name_fallback No
Peer Lead Focus and Learning Review Muhammad Sandhu Yes
Presentations Jennifer Elliott Yes
"Becoming Your Best You" Workshop Assessment Erik Huntsinger Yes
"Flipping" out in Nursing! Erika Aguirre Yes
"I love statistics": How mastery learning changed students' learning display_name_fallback Yes
"Le Repertoire de la Cuisine" Textbook Assessment Jon Hill Yes
"Should I go to that?" Virtual events and what we learn from them Erica Wager Yes
2013 Common Final Exam Results and Improvement Plan Erik Huntsinger Yes
23-24 A Year Without Embedded Tutors: Looking Back at ET Success from Fall 2022 Bobbi Mohr Yes
3-D printed models Rebecca Currey No
3rd Times a Charm – MAT231/PHY131 LC Qualitative Review Becky Baranowski Yes
4DX: A Glance at the Math Division WIG Bobbi Mohr Yes
A little assessment - transcription Bronwen Steele Yes
A look at Active Directory Kris Peters No
ACC121 Filing Status & Dependency Exemptions Kortney Song Yes
Accounting Chapter 6 Re-Assessment Sylvia Ong Yes
Accounting Chapter 6 Re-Teach Sylvia Ong Yes
ACE Service Learning Day- I AM Human Yvette Morales-Moller Yes
Active learning review activities for MAT 142 Dorothy Miller Yes
Active Reading Method for Engaged Student Learning Michael Boring No
Adding Library Resources to a Persuasive Speech Assignment Rebecca Reategui No
Addressing Discussion Posting Procrastination Peter Turner Yes
Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program - Transferring Best Practices to the Classroom Jill Nico Yes