Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System


Lifetime Fitness - Scientific Inquiry Assessment

Does the student understand the FITT Principle?
          Information Literacy:  Use current FITT Principle Pre & Post Test.  Consider updating the test.
Can the student apply the FITT Principle to improving / maintaining their fitness level.
          Re-design the DYO WOW assignments ???
Has the student made changes to their exercise program to ensure improvement / maintenance in their fitness level.
          Open ended assessment using questions that guide the student to consider critical aspects of this issue.

Active Reading Method for Engaged Student Learning

One of the keys to success in college is becoming a better reader. One challenge facing the college student in her or his forst two years is making the shift from passive reading for pleasure to active reading for learning. Further, many students do not realize that they need to improve their reading technique, especially if they have not place into a developmental reading class. My experience is that even my best students could benefit from a new perspective on how to read better. The method is familiar:SPQ3R.

Using Learning Journals in Anatomy and Physiology 2

I teach Anatomy and Physiology, a content heavy course that requires problem solving and critical thinking. Studying the material after each class and coming to class prepared is crucial to the students’ success.  My solution to this problem was to implement the use of learning journals. Learning journals have been used for a number of years by the physics faculty at our school and more recently the chemistry faculty have adopted them as well.  Last year, I used them for the first time with great success.