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  • Reply to: Scaffolding Handout: Convergence/Divergence Series   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Hi Becky,

    I love your honesty and willingness to use this new active learning assignment with your students.  I do believe our students have learning styles that are more prodominant than others.  This scaffolding assignment helped meet all your different type of learners.  Your data showed the improvement.  In addition, the repetative review of the assignment helped students who need this.  I believe engaging and learning with your peers is another layer of shared knowledge too. 

    Great Job!


  • Reply to: Practice Matters: Motivating Students to Rehearse   1 month 3 weeks ago

    Happy New Year Michele!

    I love how you are helping your students overcome anxiety while they are practicing their speeches. This is a creative and very helpful way to improve their presentation skills.

    Great job!


  • Reply to: Embedded Tutor, Second time around, Who knows?!   2 months 2 weeks ago

    Thanks Becky. We also collected data for the entire group and I finally got around to posting it. Check it out if you are interested :)  

  • Reply to: Practice Matters: Motivating Students to Rehearse   3 months 4 weeks ago

    Michele - thanks so much for documenting what you are doing to support our students.  This is great that you are giving students smaller chunks to do the practice.  There is a lot of research that shows assessing more often to give students more opportunities to learn and grow is a highly recommended thing to do.  Thank you so much for documenting this.  I hope to learn more about what you are doing in the classroom to improve teaching and learning.  

  • Reply to: The Virtual Cafe- Connecting in the Online Classroom During COVID and Beyond   3 months 4 weeks ago

    Thanks so much for taking time to document what you are doing.  I am very interested to see how this virtual cafe works.  I am finding that if I log onto my live online meetings early and stay after class, students stay.  They want to chat about different things.  It has been interesting to engage with them before and after class.  I look forward to seeing your results.