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  • Reply to: Now What? Luncheon   1 month 21 hours ago

    This CATS was originally written for the Fall 2019 luncheon.  A new attachment has been uploaded with the Spring 2020 virtual luncheon.  

  • Reply to: Video Lessons vs. Journal Entries   1 month 1 week ago

    Thank you for your kind words.  I was a bit bummed that JEs had a slightly higher drop rate than VLs, but I'm not able to tell now whether the longer term drops rates would have continued this pattern given COVID-19.  I hope to hear whether the upstream instructors notice a difference with MAT151 students who journaled.

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    It was my assessment of the written answers on the final exam from last semester that prompted, in part, my exporatory analysis.  My exams from both semesters, I believe, had parts that would align with VLs and parts that would align with JEs.  I've thought about somehow repurposing the notes as perhaps a guide for JEs when watching VLs, but at this point, it's just a thought, and I like the creative nature of freeform JEs.  Some of the journals I've seen are amazing!  Thank you for your thought provoking questions and kind remarks.

  • Reply to: Peer Lead Focus and Learning Review   1 month 1 week ago

    Hi Muhammad,

    I really liked this and how you made sure each person was able to do the peer leader roll!  Thank you for sharing this!

  • Reply to: The effectiveness of concept-mapping in improving CHM 130 students' achievement   1 month 1 week ago


    Thank You, for sharing and posting your results.  I use concept mapping in nursing and it is really beneficial to learning.  I have found students gain a better understanding of the topic being discussed and brings out critical thinking.

    Thank You,