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  • Reply to: The effectiveness of concept-mapping in improving CHM 130 students' achievement   2 hours 19 min ago

    Very interesting, I have not used concept mapping so I appreciate hearing about your experience!

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    I love this idea Cecilia!!!!  I think it would also be a great thing to share with adjuncts who teach a course from one of our shells, so they can provide feedback that goes back to the residential faculty course champion!

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    I enjoyed reading your CATS.  During the student success fair, I was at the nursing table I was surprised with the number of students stopping by and did not know many of the resources available.  A common one that we take for granted that students know is the library and the resources they have available.  An example of one, is the study guide book for the HESI exam that all students are required to take to enter the nursing program.  Many students did not know there was a study guide for the HESI exam.  Thank you, for sharing.


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    Brigitte, great CATS! I really appreciate you taking the time to bring your students out to the Student Success Fair and sharing your experience with the community.

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    Dr. Rosales,

    Thank you for sharing.  This is great idea!  I also use post-its for new ideas and to remember to revise lessons.  I love the concept of incorporting the Google Drive.  I have been utilizing Google Drive for committee information and agendas.