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  • Reply to: Do Resiliency and Grit Predict GPA in Students Over 25?   2 weeks 19 hours ago

    Kortney - this has been something that has been weighing on my mind. I know the college has been focusing on sense of belonging, but I also wonder if we need to start bringing in resiliancy and grit training.  If a student is lacking in these areas, it doesn't matter how good of an instructor one might have.  A college in Texas is predominately focusing on grit, and if I recall (I need to find the information), they are having some good success with this.  I will check your dissertation because you may mention the college I am referencing. While this isn't part of my sabbatical project, part of my sabbatical has been looking more into this and what I can do to build the things you researched into my own classroom.  I am so glad you shared your research.  I hope you are doing well!

  • Reply to: Life Sciences Assessment: Moving to PLO assessment   1 year 2 weeks ago

    Hi Rachel,

    Thank you for adding supporting documentation and for closing the assessment cycle.  

    I hope you have a nice weekend!


  • Reply to: Early Registration Advising/Class Selection Module   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Hi Polly,

    Thank you for submitting a CATS!

    You did an excellent job personalizing the advisement process for your students.  I appreciate that you are introducing your students to a campus resource, and helping them through the process. I like that you had your student's list their advisor's name.  This helps remind them who they can connect in advisment.  Your postive outcomes show that your students responded well to this assignment.   

    Excellent work!


  • Reply to: Building Connections Through Posters   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Hi Dr Sandhu,

    Thank you for submitting a CATS. I enjoyed reading your poster activity.  I appreciate the document you shared that gives the practice quiz scores  before and after the activity:  before (Average score  5.6) and after ( Average score 7.9).  Your data shows that students' scores did improve with the poster activity. 

    You did a great job appealing to your students' different learning styles:  visual and kinesthetic.  

    Great work!


  • Reply to: 4DX: A Glance at the Math Division WIG   1 year 3 weeks ago

    Hi Bobbi!

    Thank you for submitting a CATS!  

    You and your colleagues were able to gather some interesting information from our students.  I thought it was interesting that students responded favorablly to "responding within 24 hours" to their communication.  This is a nice reminder to continue to engage with our students outside of the classroom.  

    Also, I liked how you incorporated our counseling faculty to help support our students.  

    Great work!