Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Critical Inquiry

Mechanics Understanding in PHY121/111

Pre-post testing will be done using the FCI to look at student understanding of Newton's laws.  These will not be done for a grade as the assessment is written in common language so that it really probes student understanding.  A score above 60% is considered the threshold of Newtonian thinking.  A gain of 30% pre to post is considered a very good result from national studies done using this instrument.

Software Optimization - Photoshop CS5

Online students in CIS120DF (Adobe Photoshop) often experience software performance issues. An optimization assignment was developed to improve this situation. The teaching and learning process included a step-by-step instruction sheet (see attached) and the viewing of a Camtasia video (attached) demonstrating the steps to be taken to optimize identified features.

Facilitating a Whole-Class Research Project

Students in EDU 230 questioned the extent to which discrimination exists at EMCC. They unanimously suggested this should be investigated. The author facilitated the process which included: survey creation, research into discrimination on college campuses, applying for Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval (and receiving it), and applying for the Student Conference (coincidentally about a month from the start of the project) and being accepted. Students went through ethical research (CITI) training.