Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Social, Civic, & Global Responsibilty

Integrating Service Learning With EMCC's Learning Philosophy

I piloted service learning into my three CPD 150 classes (“Strategies for College Success”) Fall 2016 with hopes of integrating authentic educational experiences with real life applications by meeting the needs of both students and volunteer agencies in our community. I worked closely with Landis Elliott in establishing an innovative way to bring service learning into the CPD curriculum while fulfilling EMCC’s “Learning College” philosophy. By adding service learning to the CPD learning objectives, students were able to apply in-class learning (communication skills, time ma

ACE Service Learning Day- I AM Human

The Outreach Team facilitated a Service Learning project which included students participating in EMCC's ACE Program. The project utilized materials from I Am Human: Campaign to End Derogatory Language. 100 students watched the I Am Human Video, completed assessments, exhibited critical thinking through group dicussions, and coalesed the event by using kind words to create tokens of gratitude. Please see attachments for assemsent results and detailed report of the Service Learning event.

Physics Explanations and Relevance

I have used the textbook for reviewing physics content.  In the fall spring of 2015, I allowed students an option of doing small at home labs/demos, video themselves doing the activity and explaining the physics behind it.  I found that the students who did these activities liked them and demonstated a deeper understanding of the material. In the fall of 2016, I decided to expand this idea and make the assignment a larger requirement of the overal grade. I also provided more opportunities to do these type of small projects.

Effective Helping in a Diverse World

SWU 292 will be offered as a pilot course in Spring 2017.  Students in SWU 292 will explore the skill sets needed to deliver services to diverse populations.  The course will offer a pre and post test that assesses their cultural competence via a self-report survey.  The survey along with the final video reflection will be evaluated to measured knowledge gained and areas in which the course can expand in learning opportunities.

Best Practices for Online course with Required Service Learning

What and how do you approach an online course with a required Service Learning component? SWU 291 online, with a 40 hour Service Learning requirement will pilot in Spring 2017. Some of the approaches to ensure fluid communication and support to students include a weekly small group peer support discussion forum, weekly check ins with the instructor, and a journal assignment related to the Service Learning. In addition, a complete timeline and procedure page and Service Learning Module will help guide the students through this process.

Riding K-Wave: Engaging students outside the library

Every semester the Estrella librarians seek to engage and reach out to students who may not be familiar with the Estrella Library. Participating in student club activities is one method to reach students and promote the Library’s resources and services. Working with the Asian Pacific Islander Club (APIC), I coordinated a social educational event that utilized my educational background in Asian Pacific American Studies and research methods. I created an interactive presentation to engage students to think critically about the food they eat using a popular culture context (K-Wave).

Want to talk about masturbation? A Silent Activity in Human Sexuality

During the Module on Sexual Expression, we sociologically analyze masturbation and society's impact on this natural behavior. Students may be uncomfortable with certain topics that we discuss and analyze. It is also a good opportunity to have a different type of activity. Statements on masturbation are printed on 11 X 17 paper. Each student has one statement in front of them. A timer is used for students to comment on the paper in writing with no discussion. It is a silent class period. Once the timer goes off the statement gets rotated to the next student.

General Education Ability: Social, Civic, Global Responsibility Results Spring 2016

In Spring 2016 SAAC conducted its semester assessment in Social, Civic, and Global Responsibility, one of seven general education abilities at EMCC. Data was collected from 11 sections with 182 students in 2016, compared to 254 in 2012. 7 instructors implemented this assessment in 2016, as compared to 11 in 2012. The reduced number was attributed to the fact that two abilities were assessed in 2016, as opposed to one in 2012.

Intersectionality: The Importance of All Social Categories in the Gender Discussion

Intersectionality is a signficant topic in feminist theory; however, it tends to be forgotten in gender discussions. Kimberlee Crenshaw's definition is used in the course (please see attachment). When teaching SOC 212 (Gender and Society), the focus is obviously on gender. However, the concept of intersectionality needs to be further included in the discussion. Students have had difficulty understanding the concept even after watching a film clip. In order to increase understanding and application of intersectionality, I created new activities along with the film: 1.

Wellness In The Classroom

Students will be able to analyze recent research relating brain-based learning and healthy lifestyle choices in order to optimize student learning and academic performance.  WITC is a system of linking engagement in healthy habits to assignments in academic classes to encourage engagement in healthy habits.  Students are assigned articles to read followed by class discussion on setting SMART goals in one of five areas; exercise, nutrition, sleep, resiliency, or substance abuse.  Students then set goals and track completion over a period of weeks.  Knowledge assessment varie