Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Social, Civic, & Global Responsibilty

OER Approach to ENH114

I developed ENH114 (African-American Literature) as an online course that uses primarily OERs (Open Education Resources, which are free, online resources that can be used and shared.)  I am interested in finding out how this approach works for students -- on the plus side, it will save them money and insure that they have access to course materials when they need them.  However, I want to see how the use of OERs seems to be going -- how effective this approach is, and whether there are any issues.

Democratic Decision Making in an Online/Hybrid Environment

This assessment modifies the Democratic Decision Making assessment I developed a few years ago. It makes use of discussion boards and surveys to allow students in online and hybrid classes to participate in a democratic process to decide what topics they will study and present.

I use the dicussion feature on Canvas to guide class discussion of which topic (among choices decided upon by the instructor) they would like to study in more depth and present to the class.

Lights, Camera, Action: Did They Really Get It in Sociology Through Film?

Sociology Through Film was piloted in Spring 2015 and then taught again in Spring 2016. Each week there are three assignments to sociologically analyze a film (see attached sample). The last assignment during finals week is to sociologically analyze a Disney children's movie by focusing on the 16 weeks of sociological analysis of film. This last assignment assesses whether the students understand the social issues, in addition to applying them to social change.

How will this SOC course impact me after 16 weeks? Thinking about Gen Ed connections in the clasroom

After attending a Gen Ed presentation by Erin Blomstrand, I created a finals week assignment on the connection of course material in SOC 212(Gender & Society) to lives outside of Sociology. The assignment was: "How will each of the following topics impact you once you leave this course? Think about your future and the people around you. Are you concerned on how the gender issues will impact you personally and/or others?" Students participated in Spring 2014. Based on results, I created a plan to improve.

Learning Team Assessment Activties

To assess students understanding of major theories and content elements I have students present concepts with teammates, or Iearning teams . Students work with a team of 3 to 4 students and present once a week on a topic covered in the chapter we are discussing for that week.

I find that it keeps students connected, helps them manage nervousness they may experience when speaking in front of large groups. They have to check audience understanding by creating a way to involve all classmates.

What? You Want Sexual Rights?: Assessing the Sexual Rights Document for SOC 130

Sociology 130, Human Sexuality, focuses on the social, cultural, and institutional contributions to human sexuality. Throughout the semester, students address how society constructs expectations and limitations on sexuality. The last assignment is to create a sexual rights document and to discuss the document with your classmates. The sexual rights document will be assessed through a rubric which focuses on research, sociological imagination, and critical thinking. The SOC 130 online course will be piloted in Spring 2014.


In my Intro to Human Com classes, students respond well to the "small-talks" that I assign throughout the course. These talks are 1-2 minute informal speeches that students deliver in front of the class. Explaining their personality test results, reporting on their cultural visits, and relating active listening scenarios are a few examples of the small-talk assignments.

What value do events on campus have? One Billion Rising

A survey was completed (N=147) for the One Billion Rising Event. This is a sample of the percentages for responses of Agree and Strongly Agree.  Please see attachment. (1). One purpose of this event was to raise awareness of the global issue of violence against women. My understanding of the global issue of violence against women is greater after attending this event. 88% (2). Another purpose of this event was to encourage a better understanding of how individual action can bring about change in the larger culture and in personal lives.

The "Learning" in Service Learning

Honors students in my Communication courses are required to propose and complete a Service Learning project. Documentation of Cognitive & Affective learning achievement and Critical Thinking skills are to be formally evidenced in a presentation. To promote deeper learning and thinking throughout the semester as the students engage in their projects, I expounded the Project Proposal to include their expected learning outcomes and thinking processes.  Throughout the semester students referred to their proposal as they logged their service activities, engaged in p