Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System


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James Heinrich
Instructional Computing
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"Surveys and Quizzes and Tests, oh my!" Most folks have some variation of that Oz-y phrase when they hear the word "assessments." For me, although such data-providing tools do a good job summing up my students learning at the end of a unit or course (therefore called "summative" assessments), they don't do three critical things: * They don't give me a running tally of each student's progress. * They don't give me a reason to regularly touch base with each student. * They don't give each student a chance to talk with the teacher in a no-stress moment. If summative assessments don't do that, what do? Formative assessment, that's what. And I LOVE formative assessments. They give me a chance to regularly help each student "form" their learning. Formative assessment methods come in a variety of flavors ranging from casual "fly-bys" to more formal tutoring sessions and dozens of ways in between.
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