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Sean Tessmer
Instructional - Day Reg Sem
Personal Statement
Assessments are fundamentally about and ought to continually focus on the dynamic learning process. Whether behavioral, formative, or summative, assessments are phenomenal tools at our collective disposal used primarily to teach through and as a part of best practice; therefore, assessments (i.e., more traditionally known as "quizzes," "tests," and "unit exams") present opportunities for us as instructors to teach! They need not be punitive or merely iterative, as if our students' minds were merely empty vessels needing to be filled with content for later acquisition (cf. Freire, 1968); however, as long as the assessment transports the student from a place of nebulous speculation toward a place of authentic engagement and wonder vis-a-vis the subject matter at hand--then, and only then--may one say that an assessment has truly served its ultimate purpose.