Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

How To Write CATS

  • Follow these steps when writing your CATS

Before you start

  • Start with a need, problem needing solving, concern, etc., or a new idea you want to try.
  • Here are some samples:  test scores, student participation, comprehension of assigned material, homework performance/completion, student events, etc.
  • New ideas you want to try out can come from other CATS (be a CATS Burglar), a conference you attended, a journal/book you read, or something you heard about
  • SUGGESTION: Read a few CATS of the Month to get a feel for CATS (CATS Website>Cool CATS>CATS of the Month)

Next steps

  • Gather baseline data, which can be in various forms:
    • History of previous results (quiz, exam, course grades, etc.)
    • Survey
    • Observation
    • if needed, consult with SAC Co-Chairs 
    • Try your intervention(s), enhancement, strategy, solution path, or new idea
    • Gather your post data results – should be comparable form to baseline data
    • Compare and analyze pre and post data results

    Now write your CATS (CATS Website>Assessments>Create a new Assessment or

    • Login using your MEID and Password
    • Start with the abstract = Purpose
      • Brief summary of your need, interventions, and results
      • 1200 character limit
      • SUGGESTION: type as a WORD document first, then cut and paste
      • SUGGESTION: look at CATS of the Month winners (CATS Website>Cool CATS>Cats of the Month) and read some of their abstracts for ideas
    • Files to Attach
      • If 1200 characters is insufficient to describe, attach a document with more depth
      • Data gathered and compared
      • For more in-depth CATS, attach accordingly
    • Complete each of the following areas, accordingly:  Course Format, Best Practices, Assignment Type, General Education Ability, College Service.  If you have any questions, contact SAC Co-Chairs
    • "Completed Full Cycle" - check if you have done all of the steps and summarized your results
    • Need a reminder to complete? Fill in the date under "Send the reminder on:" and write yourself a note in the "Note" box
    • Then click "Save" at the bottom, and you are done!