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No Paper Need to be Applied Erin Blomstrand Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:38am
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Student Success Module Erik Huntsinger Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:27am
Physics Explanations and Relevance Angela McClure Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:24am
Volume Measurement Steven Griffiths Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:20am
Curricular Models for Sustainable Undergraduate Research Dwain Desbien Thursday, January 12, 2017 - 11:02am
Literature Circles: Second Go-Round Erin Blomstrand Monday, January 9, 2017 - 5:03pm
Effective Helping in a Diverse World Annette Bourne Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 3:40pm
MAT151 Online Orientation Andrew Burch Wednesday, December 14, 2016 - 3:05pm
Authentic Assessment in Health Care Spanish Trino Sandoval Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 3:16pm
CIS235 E-Commerce Final Project Assessment Michael Erwin Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 9:27am
This is a great learning tool No Paper Need to be Applied 21 hours 39 min ago - AMY2068401
I like the white board idea, Peer Instructions to Check for Understanding 2 days 19 hours ago - NOR2157229
Interesting idea.  I have the No Paper Need to be Applied 2 days 20 hours ago - NOR2157229
This is a really clever way Riding K-Wave: Engaging students outside the library 6 days 4 hours ago - AMY2068401
HI Norma - Flashcards and Critical Thinking 6 days 4 hours ago - AMY2068401
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Bronwen Steele White Cell Table 1 year ago 100%
Rebecca Baranowski Phase 2 - Following Students in Calc/Physics Learning Community 2 years ago 100%
Jeffrey Miller Civic Engagement and Responsibility Curriculum Infusion Project 4 years ago 100%
Diane Stonebrink If you can't beat 'em, join 'em: Applying Softchalk Principles to Canvas Quizzes 1 year ago 100%
Susan Malmo ENG101 Common Assignment Assessment -- 2012/2013 4 years ago 100%
Bronwen Steele Muc A Paper - A blast from the past - an OLD EZ form! 3 years ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis Social Change with Regards to Gender? Finals Week Public Service Announcement Activity 3 years ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis Intersectionality: The Importance of All Social Categories in the Gender Discussion 5 months ago 100%
Rebecca Baranowski Traditional Calculus vs. Learning Community 3 years ago 100%
Trino Sandoval Authentic Assessment in Health Care Spanish 1 month ago 100%
Jamie Lopez Utilizing Smart Thinking to Improve Writing Scores 1 year ago 100%
Alison England Calendar Sync Optimized 1 year ago 100%
James Cerven Applying Constitutional Case Law through Scenario Based Learning 1 year ago 100%
James Rall Intersection of introductory physics with society 2 years ago 100%
Rebecca Baranowski Following students who have gone through a Learning Community 2 years ago 100%
Rachel Holmes Ongoing and Varied Assessments to Promote Critical Thinking 2 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Field Experience Experience! 1 year ago 100%
Erica Wager Research Methods in Psychology – using two courses to observe active learning vs. passive learning 11 months ago 100%
Christina Van Puymbroeck I was supposed to get online? Improving online performance in a hybrid course. 4 years ago 100%
Roselyn Turner The "Learning" in Service Learning 3 years ago 100%
Anastasia Amabisca Peer Mentors in Developmental English Classes 3 years ago 100%
Lawrence Pesta Let's Go to San Diego! Improving ESL Fluency with Role Play 2 years ago 100%
Erik Huntsinger Assessment Happens Fall 2015 1 year ago 100%
Lisa Buccigrosse EED210 - Creative and Cognitive Play Lesson Plan 1 year ago 100%
Rachel Holmes Student-Created Assessments 2 years ago 100%
Steven Griffiths Improving Portfolio Submissions 1 year ago 100%
Muhammad Sandhu Charting My Progress: Using Graphs to Interpret Clinical /Lab Data in BIO 202 9 months ago 100%
Christina Van Puymbroeck Ticket In/ Ticket Out 3 years ago 100%
Christopher Coleman The Big 4? Exploring the Integration of Critical Inquiry into a Culturally Diverse, Globally Aware, and Social/Behaviorally Dominated Course 8 months ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis What? You Want Sexual Rights?: Assessing the Sexual Rights Document for SOC 130 3 years ago 100%
Rachel Smith Infusing primary literature into the majors science curriculum (2015/16 MILRF project) 5 months ago 100%
Amy Weibel Flashcards and Critical Thinking 2 months ago 100%
Dwain Desbien Curricular Models for Sustainable Undergraduate Research 6 days ago 100%
Erik Huntsinger ECN211 Fall 2011 Common Final Exam 4 years ago 100%
Adriana White Coherent Writing for ESL Students 1 year ago 100%
Erik Huntsinger ECN211 Spring 2012 Common Final 4 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Improving Writing Efficacy with Mandated Student Guides 4 years ago 100%
Analicia Buentello Bored of the Same Reading Quizzes? Try the SPUNKI! 3 years ago 100%
Kortney Song ACC121 Filing Status & Dependency Exemptions 3 years ago 100%
Erica Wager Don’t procrastinate! Being proactive in completing an online study tool leads to better test scores 9 months ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis What value do events on campus have? One Billion Rising 3 years ago 100%
Rebecca Baranowski Six Years of Data is In! I love my Calculus/Physics Learning Community. 7 months ago 100%
Final Project options 3 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Student Guides do it again! 2 months ago 100%
Michelle Breaux Improving Successful Completion Rates in Intermediate Algebra (MAT121) 3 years ago 100%
Rachel Holmes The Value of Authentic Learning Experiences in Building Confidence and Teaching Skills 1 year ago 100%
Rachel Smith Four exams or Five exams? Or: SOTL research needs controls!!! 1 year ago 100%
Heather Muns Information Literacy Assessment for Spring 2014 2 years ago 100%
Steven Peist Using the Online writing center for better results on essays in Reading 2 years ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis What Did You Say? The "I Am Human" Campaign 1 year ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis Research for the Humannequin Project: Information Literacy Assessment 2 years ago 100%
Erik Huntsinger ECN212 Spring 2012 Common Final 4 years ago 100%
Erika Aguirre "Flipping" out in Nursing! 3 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Improve Research and Citation Skills Through Librarian Consultation 3 years ago 100%
Rachel Smith Does the early bird get the worm???? 4 months ago 100%
Dorothy Miller Active learning review activities for MAT 142 3 years ago 100%
Kristy Miller Adobe Connect in Online ASB 223 1 year ago 100%
Luvia Rivera Are they really warming up? 1 year ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis How will this SOC course impact me after 16 weeks? Thinking about Gen Ed connections in the clasroom 2 years ago 100%
Roselyn Turner COM263 Intercultural Sensitivity Assessment 4 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Just FLIP it! "Flipping" a lesson for a Hybrid class. 3 years ago 100%
Jon Hill Tallow Sculpture CUL107 3 years ago 100%
Norma Jimenez Hernandez Stimulating the body to stimulate the mind is statistically significant 9 months ago 100%
Peter Turner Talking Tokens Engage! 4 months ago 100%
Kelly Loucy Using a Single-Point Rubric Online 1 month ago 100%
Valerie Akuna It's All About Scaffolding - But, You Knew That! 1 year ago 100%
Bronwen Steele A little assessment - transcription 1 year ago 100%
Roselyn Turner All-USA Scholarship Selection Process 2 years ago 100%
Michael Boring Democratic Decision Making in an Online/Hybrid Environment 1 year ago 100%
Amy Heck Observation Struggles! 1 year ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis So you think you know about gender? the journal entry- Week 1 and Week 16 4 years ago 100%
Erik Huntsinger CATS about CATS (Innovation of the Year Presentation) 3 years ago 100%
Roselyn Turner All-USA Scholarship - Improved Writing Rubrics 9 months ago 100%
Holly Dison Mat 091 Pre-Post Test Results = Disappointing 3 years ago 100%
Andrew Burch First Online Math Course! 3 years ago 100%
Dwain Desbien PHY131 LC vs Traditional 131 1 month ago 100%
Peter Turner Using Discussion Rubrics in Canvas to Improve Student Posts 2 years ago 100%
ASL Expression Videos in Online SLG 102 1 year ago 100%
Dwain Desbien Mechanics Understanding in PHY121/111 4 years ago 100%
Rachel Smith Does incorporating a kinesthetic assignment improve student learning of a complex topic? 2 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Check List Leading to Efficacy! 1 year ago 100%
Jamie Lopez Adobe Connect: Do Participants Succeed more than Archive Reviewers? 1 year ago 100%
Rachel Holmes Saving Time and Increasing Production Using the Online Discussion Forum 2 years ago 100%
Rachel Smith Practice Makes Perfect - skills and drills for metric conversions 2 years ago 100%
Rachel Holmes SCGR Culture and Diversity Research Paper 4 years ago 100%
Christopher Zagar Ask-a-Librarian Transcript Analysis to Improve Student Online Research Instruction 3 years ago 100%
Olga Tsoudis Love Your Body-Assessing Events on Campus 3 years ago 100%
Lyle Bartelt Wellness In The Classroom 5 months ago 100%
Catherine Cochran Peer Instructions to Check for Understanding 3 months ago 100%
Michael Erwin CIS235 E-Commerce Final Project Assessment 1 month ago 100%
Heather Muns Make Them Think It Was Their Idea: Using A Student-Generated Rubric To Increase Oral/PowerPoint Presentation Scores 2 years ago 100%
Peter Turner Increasing Group Accountability with a Contract 4 years ago 100%
Nikol Price Library Skills for CPD 4 years ago 100%
Heather Muns Lead By Example: Providing Student Examples To Improve Student Submissions 9 months ago 98%
Norma Jimenez Hernandez No, you can't use your book for the quiz: Comparing quiz scores with and without class materials 1 year ago 98%
Maria Rosales Formative assessment & adaptive teaching with Kahoot! 1 year ago 98%
Roselyn Turner It's all about that Book, 'bout that Book... 1 year ago 97%
Rebecca Baranowski Bringing Labs into Differential Equations 1 year ago 97%
Cheryl Hebert Modeling Elements of Communication Online 3 years ago 97%
Rebecca Baranowski Bringing Science into Beginning Algebra 2 years ago 97%
Kelly Loucy Teaching Online Etiquette & Avoiding Plagiarism Using Role Play 2 years ago 97%
Rebecca Baranowski This is not a drawing class! Graphing 3D 1 year ago 97%
Peter Turner Facilitating a Whole-Class Research Project 4 years ago 96%
Erik Huntsinger The Fall 2015 Economics Quantitative Reasoning Assessment Collaborative 9 months ago 96%
Erica Wager Kahooting your way to better grades! Active/competitive review sessions help student learning 8 months ago 96%
Peter Turner Critical Inquiry Assessment for Fall 2014 1 year ago 96%
Luvia Rivera Benefits of Tutoring in Mathematics 3 years ago 96%
Roselyn Turner Improve SCGR "Final Exam" Visual Aids 9 months ago 96%
Michelle Breaux Using Twitter to Enhance Learning in Engineering 2 years ago 96%
Christopher Black Passport to Success 3 months ago 96%
Kelly Loucy Using Video Comment to Increase Instructor Presence in an Online Course 1 year ago 96%
Erik Huntsinger Discovering Learning Gaps Using Online Homework Software 1 year ago 95%
Rachel Holmes The Revitalization of Service Learning at EMCC 5 months ago 95%
Kelly Loucy Removing the Fear and Creating Meaningful Participation in Online Peer Review 2 years ago 95%
Shannon Manuelito Publishing and Practicing the Rubric 2 years ago 95%
Maria Rosales eBook registration & course LMS: in-class demonstration vs. online tutorial 1 year ago 95%
Rebecca Baranowski Algebra skills in a Calculus Course 3 years ago 95%
Project Based Assessment in MAT142 3 years ago 95%
Christina Van Puymbroeck How much should I obsess? The effect of design changes on student satisfaction and performance in online courses. 2 years ago 95%
Peter Turner Assessment of Assessment Happens Fall 2016 4 months ago 93%
Rachel Holmes Spicing Up the Curriculum with Innovative, Technology-Driven Assessments 7 months ago 93%
Olga Tsoudis Want to talk about masturbation? A Silent Activity in Human Sexuality 2 months ago 93%
Christina Van Puymbroeck Critical Thinking about Invisible Histories 1 year ago 93%
Erik Huntsinger 2013 Common Final Exam Results and Improvement Plan 2 years ago 93%
Erin Blomstrand Perpetual Canon: Literature Circles in World Literature 11 months ago 93%
Steven Griffiths Group Menu Project CUL105/Enhancement 4 years ago 93%
Erik Huntsinger Mini-Whiteboards in Economics 3 years ago 93%
Selina Schuh In-class Metacognitive/Reflective Grade Check Activities 2 years ago 93%
Heather Muns Picture Perfect: Using a Video Tutorial To Improve Students Ability To Embed Pictures In Canvas 11 months ago 93%
Catherine Cochran Student Learning Tendencies: Online vs. In-Person Writing Center Submissions 10 months ago 93%
Sylvia Ong Accounting Chapter 6 Re-Teach 1 year ago 93%
Erica Wager Slow and steady wins the race… or does it? Test completion time is negatively correlated with test grade 9 months ago 93%
Dwain Desbien Conceputual Understanding in PHY121 Learning Community vs Normal Class 3 years ago 93%
Peter Turner Pictures save the day! 1 year ago 93%
Susan Malmo Dealing with Modern Works in Gothic Literature class 1 year ago 92%
Diane Stonebrink Inspired by Proust: A Multi-Sensory Approach to Memorizing Principle Verb Parts in ESL 1 year ago 92%
Erik Huntsinger Relax Before the Quiz. Laugh! 9 months ago 92%
Michelle Breaux Math Holiday Greeting Card Challenge 1 year ago 90%
Rebecca Baranowski It's OK to Steal....Learn from the Professionals 9 months ago 90%
Jennifer Shannon Is an open note exam really beneficial? Allowing students to use notes during a statistics exam 8 months ago 90%
Elisabeth Rodriguez Edible Book: Engaging Students for National Library Week 3 months ago 90%
Rebecca Baranowski Thermometer Accuracy 2 years ago 90%
Charles Bell Will Increasing The Number of Practical Examples of a Difficult Science Concept Improve Understanding? 1 year ago 90%
Jennifer Kline Assessment Through Simulation 3 months ago 90%
William Farrar Using a Data-Analysis Program to Support Student Success in an Online Psychology Statistics Class (PSY230) 1 year ago 90%
Weiru Chang Using Learning Journals in Anatomy and Physiology 2 4 years ago 90%
Rebecca Baranowski Intro to Summations - PowerPoint vs. Handouts 9 months ago 90%
Qazi Iqbal Midterm and Final 3 years ago 90%
Olga Tsoudis What Did You Think This Week? The Video Reflection in Sociology Online Courses 3 years ago 90%
Teri Graham Positive Affirmations and Meditation to Improve Student Performance 1 year ago 90%
Peter Turner Tired of Tardies? Try This! 9 months ago 90%
Jennifer Shannon Practice does make perfect with Graphing in MAT 182 1 year ago 90%
Peter Turner Assessment Happens Spring 2016 9 months ago 90%
Mark Matthews Small-Talks 3 years ago 90%
Owen Dix Merged Activity covering Internal Energy 8 months ago 90%
Frederick Maihofer Verify student completion of in-class examples (Excel Spreadsheets) 1 year ago 90%
Levi Torrison Prelab for classes 1 year ago 89%
Peter Turner Addressing Discussion Posting Procrastination 2 years ago 88%
Improve Exam Results by- Review -Mock Exam - Review 2 years ago 88%
Luvia Rivera Note cards in a math classroom 9 months ago 88%
Teri Graham The Benefits of Incorporating AAA (Creating College Success) Curriculum in MAT082 2 years ago 88%
Laraine Bosse Autobiographical Final Exam for ESL Grammar Students 1 year ago 87%
Rebecca Baranowski Direction Fields 2 years ago 87%
Levi Torrison Video snippets for 130 3 years ago 87%
Shannon Manuelito BIO 160 Common Lab Final 2 years ago 87%
Christina Van Puymbroeck Does length matter? 2 years ago 87%
Catherine Cochran Help or Hinder: Time Management Reflection & Accountability 12 months ago 87%
Olga Tsoudis Sexuality and Critical Inquiry: Improving the Assessment 1 year ago 86%
Susan Malmo The LearnQuiz 10 months ago 85%
Shannon Manuelito Using a How To Screencast to find Peer Reviewed Articles 1 year ago 83%
Tree Diagram... 9 months ago 82%
Jennifer Elliott Presentations 2 years ago 80%
Rachel Smith Hitchhikers thumb or Earwax? Does question wording matter? 2 years ago 80%
Olga Tsoudis Lights, Camera, Action: Did They Really Get It in Sociology Through Film? 2 years ago 80%
Rachel Smith An Enhanced Jigsaw approach to teach Cell Parts (BIO181/156) 4 years ago 80%
Rebecca Baranowski Engagement in Calculus I 3 years ago 80%
Sonya Zetlan I'm too embarrassed to learn 3 years ago 80%
Kortney Song Does Hitting Home Generate Better Understanding & Grades? 2 years ago 80%
Olga Tsoudis Did Anyone Pay Attention? General Assessment On Gender Issues 4 years ago 80%
Annette Bourne Effective Helping in a Diverse World 1 month ago 80%
Peter Turner Inquiry-Based Learning Project 4 years ago 80%
Susan Malmo OER Approach to ENH114 1 year ago 80%
Bronwen Steele Bacterial Minicases 2 years ago 80%
Steven Peist The Impact of Peer Mentors in Developmental Reading 1 year ago 80%
Rebecca Baranowski Integration in Calculus II 3 years ago 80%
Michael Boring Democratic Decision Making in the Classroom 3 years ago 80%
Jennifer Elliott What's Happening? On Campus at EMCC 1 year ago 80%
Frederick Maihofer Pretest Accounting Knowledge from ACC111 to ACC230 1 year ago 80%
Erin Blomstrand Scream Challenges: Using Gamifcation to Level Up 1 year ago 80%
Fiona Lihs Logic Puzzles 3 years ago 80%
Erik Huntsinger ECN212 Fall 2011 Common Final 4 years ago 80%
Kristy Miller What's your favorite field in anthropology? 1 year ago 80%
Andrew Burch Switching Groups - Encouraging Class Comradery 1 year ago 80%
Rebecca Baranowski Interpreting Velocity Time Graphs in Calculus 3 years ago 80%
Valerie Akuna Software Optimization - Photoshop CS5 4 years ago 80%
Sylvia Ong Common/Standardized ACC111 Exam 2 years ago 80%
Jennifer Shannon Trig Identities - How do I identify 2 years ago 80%
Steven Boettcher Comparison of New Versus Old "Getting Started" Orientations 10 months ago 80%
Jennifer Elliott General Education Abilities Self-Evaluation 6 months ago 80%
Jim Nichols Narrated camtasia videos as instructional materials in online CIS121AI 1 year ago 80%
Michael Maguire CIS239DL Linux Shell Scripting 2 years ago 80%
Sharing a note-taking document with the instructor can provide students multiple opportunities to measure their own learning progress. 1 year ago 80%
Have better results in class group work 3 years ago 80%
Romanie Brooks-Dillon Improvement in the classroom learning through voice threads and classroom activities (Nursing 152) 1 year ago 80%
Clarissa Davis Ragland Case Study - Improve Quality by Improving the Rubric 1 year ago 80%
Enhancing College Algebra with Interactive Software 4 years ago 80%
Bronwen Steele Mastering Microbiology NOT 3 years ago 80%
Steven Boettcher Assessing the Trigonometry Hybrid "Getting Started" Module 1 year ago 80%
Angela McClure Physics Final Presentation in Cooperation with the Writing Center 9 months ago 76%
Andrew Burch Using new mathematics program to increase learning 4 years ago 75%
Maria Rosales Dictation- Reflection 3 years ago 75%
Jennifer Brown Learning Students' Names 2 years ago 74%
Susan Malmo Using Structured Learning Plans to Promote Active Learning in OER courses 1 year ago 73%
Rebecca Baranowski Using Folders for Cooperative Learning 9 months ago 73%
Frederick Lee Team Collaboration in Discussion Boards 1 year ago 72%
Unit 3 ASL Practice: Places You Have Gone To 2 years ago 70%
Sonya Zetlan Memory vs. Reasoning 4 years ago 70%
Jill Nico Adjunct Faculty Mentoring Program - Transferring Best Practices to the Classroom 2 years ago 70%
Anil Kapoor But I’m too young!! “A case study of ovarian cancer” 2 years ago 70%
Angela McClure Calc/Phys Learning Community Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 6 months ago 70%
Rodney Freeman Create!: Journaling the Creative Process 1 year ago 67%
Janet Witcher Real World "Buy"-in $ 3 years ago 67%
Michael Boring See, Think, Wonder: Using Art to Inspire Critical Thinking 3 years ago 60%
Roselyn Turner Service Learning Reflections & Social, Civic, Global Responsibility (SCGR) 4 years ago 60%
Marcus Eads Checking for understanding. 2 years ago 60%
Marcus Eads Show your thumbs: a quick check for understanding 2 years ago 60%
Michael Boring Preview Your Course 1 year ago 60%
Natalie Rivera Technique Presentations in PED 101KB 4 years ago 60%
Amy Heck Practicum 4 years ago 40%
Marcus Eads Factoring practice. 2 years ago 20%