Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System


Title Author Full Cycle Created Updated
Information Literacy Assessment Spring 2019 - Fall 2020 Nikol Price No 02/12/2021 02/12/2021
Assessment of a Common Assessment Sylvia Ong Yes 02/04/2021 02/04/2021
Scheduling due dates in an online BIO class, a comparison between two approaches. Neil Raymond Yes 01/05/2021 01/05/2021
LS Embedded Tutoring Shannon Manuelito Yes 05/14/2020 12/18/2020
Bueller, Bueller? Engaging Students in a Virtual World Bobbi Mohr Yes 11/01/2020 11/01/2020
Scaffolding Handout: Convergence/Divergence Series Rebecca Baranowski Yes 10/20/2020 10/25/2020
Practice Matters: Motivating Students to Rehearse Michele Valdovinos Yes 04/06/2020 08/30/2020
The Virtual Cafe- Connecting in the Online Classroom During COVID and Beyond Jamie Lopez No 08/21/2020 08/24/2020
Life Sciences Division Assessment Shannon Manuelito Yes 08/12/2020 08/12/2020
Student Journaling in Math (CATS of the Month) Rebecca Baranowski Yes 01/19/2018 07/15/2020
Embedded Tutor, Second time around, Who knows?! Shannon Manuelito Yes 05/14/2020 05/15/2020
Now What? Luncheon Rebecca Baranowski Yes 12/06/2019 05/04/2020
Peer Lead Focus and Learning Review (CATS of the Month) Muhammad Sandhu Yes 04/11/2020 04/24/2020
The Integration of Kahoot in CHM 130 (CATS of the Month) Nagib Balfakih No 03/19/2020 04/24/2020
Video Lessons vs. Journal Entries (CATS of the Month) Carrie Anderson Yes 01/21/2020 04/24/2020
From rough to polished... Resume writing Dori Navarette-Lynch No 04/03/2020 04/06/2020
Improving Student Self-Determination Skills in the DRS Eligibility Process Jill Nico No 04/03/2020 04/03/2020
Faculty and Tutor Interaction Rachel Aborne No 03/19/2020 03/19/2020
Discerning What Motivates Responding to General Questions in the Classroom Suzanne Weston Yes 03/19/2020 03/19/2020
Presenting in Small Groups: promoting accountability and discussions during group presentations Stacy Corbin No 03/17/2020 03/17/2020