Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System


Title Author Full Cycle Created Updated
Video Lessons vs. Journal Entries Carrie Anderson No 01/21/2020 01/21/2020
Using scaffolding to improve review Fiona Lihs Yes 01/16/2020 01/17/2020
Limits at Infinity Rebecca Baranowski Yes 12/11/2019 12/11/2019
Now What? Luncheon Rebecca Baranowski Yes 12/06/2019 12/06/2019
Journaling in micro - initial data Bronwen Steele Yes 11/29/2019 11/29/2019
Mastery Learning for One Exam Rebecca Baranowski Yes 11/26/2019 11/27/2019
Is Kahoots an effective assessment for all types of presentations and participants? (CATS of the Month) Rosanna Short Yes 11/14/2019 11/20/2019
Calculus I Workbook Changes Rebecca Baranowski Yes 01/16/2019 11/19/2019
College Algebra Exam Review Sessions in ASC Christopher McNeal Yes 11/14/2019 11/14/2019
Intro to Energy Assessing current industry events (CATS of the Month) Frank Perkins Yes 05/06/2019 10/16/2019
Multiple Intelligences (CATS of the Month) Roxan Arntson Yes 12/19/2018 10/16/2019
Service Learning Pre and Post Test (CATS of the Month) Inhye Peterson Yes 08/20/2019 10/16/2019
Peek-a-Boo!: Previewing Assignments to Set Up Student Success (CATS of the Month) Erin Blomstrand Yes 06/18/2019 10/16/2019
Pre-Health Fair (CATS of the Month) Catherine Parmiter Yes 05/06/2019 10/16/2019
ASC STEM Journal Forum (CATS of the Month) Christopher McNeal Yes 09/16/2019 10/16/2019
Laplace Party Spring 2019 (CATS of the Month) Christopher McNeal Yes 09/30/2019 10/16/2019
Understanding Levels of Learning Outcomes Rebecca Baranowski No 09/24/2019 10/08/2019
Rules of Exponents and Fractions are Student's Nemesis in Calculus! (CATS of the Month) Rebecca Baranowski Yes 04/04/2019 09/27/2019
Assessment Matters Fall 2019 Rebecca Baranowski Yes 08/29/2019 08/30/2019
STEM Summer Bridge Program 2019 Christopher McNeal Yes 07/25/2019 07/29/2019