Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort ascending Updated
General Education Ability: Writing Composition, Spring 2016 Results Peter Turner No
General Education Ability: Social, Civic, Global Responsibility Results Spring 2016 Peter Turner No
What's Next? - SLP 214 Jeffrey Meeks No
Flashcards and Critical Thinking Amy Weibel Yes
Assessment Through Simulation Jennifer Kline Yes
Edible Book: Engaging Students for National Library Week Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
Peer Instructions to Check for Understanding Catherine Cochran Yes
Increasing Engagement Through Plickers! Sean Tessmer No
Passport to Success Christopher Black Yes
Talking Tokens Engage! Peter Turner Yes
Does the early bird get the worm???? Rachel Smith No
Assessment of Assessment Happens Fall 2016 Peter Turner Yes
Wellness in the Classroom project Fall 16 Rachel Smith No
Infusing primary literature into the majors science curriculum (2015/16 MILRF project) Rachel Smith Yes
The Revitalization of Service Learning at EMCC Rachel Holmes Yes
Intersectionality: The Importance of All Social Categories in the Gender Discussion Olga Tsoudis Yes
Wellness In The Classroom Lyle Bartelt No
Calc/Phys Learning Community Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Angela McClure Yes
General Education Abilities Self-Evaluation Jennifer Elliott No
Spicing Up the Curriculum with Innovative, Technology-Driven Assessments Rachel Holmes No
Planning for Success Jamie Lopez No
Screening and Assessment in Early Childhood Education Lisa Buccigrosse No
Six Years of Data is In! I love my Calculus/Physics Learning Community. Becky Baranowski Yes
Student Feedback for lessons in an Online Class Pablo Landeros No
Using an Activity to Visualize Kidney Function Weiru Chang No