Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort ascending Updated
Bringing Labs into Differential Equations Becky Baranowski Yes
Sexuality and Critical Inquiry: Improving the Assessment Olga Tsoudis No
Practice does make perfect with Graphing in MAT 182 Jennifer Shannon Yes
Positive Affirmations and Meditation to Improve Student Performance Teri Graham No
Pretest Accounting Knowledge from ACC111 to ACC230 Frederick Maihofer No
Team Collaboration in Discussion Boards Frederick Lee No
Will Increasing The Number of Practical Examples of a Difficult Science Concept Improve Understanding? Charles Bell Yes
Using Video Comment to Increase Instructor Presence in an Online Course Kelly Loucy Yes
No, you can't use your book for the quiz: Comparing quiz scores with and without class materials Norma Jimenez Hernandez Yes
Preview Your Course Michael Boring No
eBook registration & course LMS: in-class demonstration vs. online tutorial Cecilia Rosales Yes
Formative assessment & adaptive teaching with Kahoot! Cecilia Rosales Yes
Effectiveness of MST157DB James Wolfe No
Dealing with Modern Works in Gothic Literature class Susan Malmo Yes
OER Approach to ENH114 Susan Malmo Yes
Math Holiday Greeting Card Challenge Michelle Breaux No
Check List Leading to Efficacy! Peter Turner Yes
Democratic Decision Making in an Online/Hybrid Environment Michael Boring No
Students in Gender Classes: What do we need to know to serve them best? Christina Van No
Lemons to lemonade Christina Van No
Faculty reflection - mentoring new nursing faculty Kanina McDonald No
Common/Standardized ACC111 Exam Sylvia Ong No
Improving classroom communication Romanie Brooks-Dillon No
Student Understanding in PHY131 coming from LC vs Traditional Dwain Desbien No
Using the Online writing center for better results on essays in Reading Steven Peist No