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Case Study - Improve Quality by Improving the Rubric

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Clarissa Davis Ragland
Thursday, April 30, 2015 to Thursday, July 30, 2015

 SBU200 – Society and Business is being taught online for the first time this Spring.  Case study assignment submissions rarely connect the ‘’solution” for the case problem, with the content (concepts, examples, vocabulary) in the chapter in the textbook or other resources provided at the end of the chapter.  Student responses are heavily weighted with opinion, even though a rubric is provided and used to provide consistent feedback.                       

I reviewed the disappointing case study content with our ELearning Coordinator, Polly Miller, and she recommended and update to the rubric.  Attached is the 1) ‘standard’ rubric used Spring 2015 and the 2) ‘rigor’ rubric that will be use in the Summer II SBU200 course. 

Looking forward to increased points per case study assignment based on the new rigorous and assignment specific rubric. 

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I look forward to seeing the results. It is laudable that you take something that isn't working the way you want it to and improve upon it. That's what good teaching is all about!

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Defintely update this with your new results next semester.

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Clarissa, This is a good assessment to see the impact of the rubric on the students' writing. I am looking forward to seeing the results. Olga

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I agree that a more specific rubric should certainly drive positive results. I look forward to seeing your results. Now I am off to take another look at my own rubrics! -Jamie