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ASL Expression Videos in Online SLG 102

Wednesday, September 2, 2015 to Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Unit 7: Describing people's appearance and their actions.  I posted my video and picture.  I narrated based on the picture - about two men riding on a motorbike approaching two unsuspecting women near a shopping area.  I describe their appearances/clothing as shown on the picture, then I describe their actions.  A man at the back of the motorbike suddenly grabbed a purse and they ran away.  After students watch my ASL narration, they are expected to find a different picture that show at least two people with their action.  After practicing their ASL narration, they start videotaping themselves.  On the assignment, they post both of picture and video for grading.

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Paulus, I really like the picture and video for grading. I use video in my assignments and I find them to be great learning tools. I look forward to your results. 

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Looks like they are processing their learning and manifesting it through their own creation. Nice!