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Critical Inquiry Assessment for Fall 2014

Monday, April 27, 2015

In FALL 2014 EMCC/SAAC conducted its semester assessment in Critical Inquiry, one of seven general education abilities at EMCC. Data was collected from 12 sections with 273 students in 2014, representing a 17% increase over 2011. Classes administrating the assessment included CIS, ECN, MAT, PSY, and SOC. The areas assessed were Observation/Question, Identifying Hypothesis/Explanation, Planning, Analysis, and Conclusion/Solution.  Of the 273 students, 33% were new freshman, 30% were freshman/sophomore and 37% were sophomore (down from 52% in 2011). Results showed the strongest area to be Observation/Question, and the area for greatest improvement was Analysis.  Evaluation of mean scores showed improvement in every category from 2011 to 2014 (although Identifying Hypothesis was not statistically significantly higher). However, due to the variability of assessments, classes, and student levels (as compared to 2011), it is not reliable to draw inferences from the data. Information was presented at a Classroom Conversation in April, and notes were taken to improve the process (see attachment).

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Thank you for sharing this data.  I am glad that I had the opportunity to attend the conversation in April, which enabled me to comprehend this information more completely.  I am looking forward to communicating with other faculty about their assessments with the hope of participating next round.  

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I am glad to see this data so that everyone can see.  I think that once it is presented, folks don't know where to go to find the data.  This is a great way to record it.  I really hope that we can come up with something that makes the data reliable.  I look forward to the SAAC conversations and know we can come up with a solution.