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Are they really warming up?

Thursday, August 20, 2015 to Friday, December 18, 2015

At the beginning of each class I post 3-4 questions on the board to review the previous day's information.  This also allows time for me to take attendance and set up the classroom for the days activity. I would allow about 10 min. for this activity and then have students present their solution.  I did not collect the papers.  There was not much accountability and some student's would purposefully come in late to avoid the work.  

This semester I would like to have more accountability and put the responsibilty on each group to get the warm-ups done.  I have created a group folder/team folder.  Each folder will have a handout for each student with the day of each week.  Every class period the group is to get the folder, work on the warm-up problems and write them down on the daily handout.  They will then discuss their solutions in the group.  At the end of the week the team will get points if all the team members completed the daily warm-up for the week.  I am also hoping that this will address the issue of getting to class on time and attendance in general.

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Luvia, This is a great idea for the students to work in teams and to hold each other accountable. I look forward to seeing your results.Olga

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This is a great idea to get students ready for the class. Students tend to be more prepared when they know others are counting on them. Thanks.

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Like it all, Luvia! The concept of warm-ups is a high time-on-task activity, And, building in accountability (individual and group) will help ensure greater completion. Good thinking!

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Luvia - I love this.  I have been utilizing warm ups but not at a group level and like you not as much accountability.  I would just use them as a jumping off point and questions from the previous lesson.  I am also going to apply points to the process but was going to do it daily and individually.  I like the idea of group points and weekly checks and will begin implementing it in my MAT081 courses this semester.  I look forward to hearing about your results and feedback from your students.