Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort ascending Updated
ACE Service Learning Day- I AM Human Yvette Morales-Moller Yes
Go to the Head of the Class Amy Weibel Yes
Critical Thinking with Introduction to Physics Owen Dix No
Assessment of Assessment Happens Spring 2017 Peter Turner Yes
No Paper Need to be Applied Erin Blomstrand No
Assessing the Effectiveness of the Student Success Module Erik Huntsinger No
Physics Explanations and Relevance Angela McClure No
Accounting Chapter 6 Re-Assessment Sylvia Ong Yes
Volume Measurement Steven Griffiths Yes
Curricular Models for Sustainable Undergraduate Research Dwain Desbien No
Literature Circles: Second Go-Round Erin Blomstrand No
Effective Helping in a Diverse World Annette Bourne No
MAT151 Online Orientation Andrew Burch No
Authentic Assessment in Health Care Spanish Trino Sandoval No
CIS235 E-Commerce Final Project Assessment Michael Erwin No
Use of virtual flash cards to study a foreign language (Quizlet) Anna Chabrowski No
PHY131 LC vs Traditional 131 Dwain Desbien No
Using a Single-Point Rubric Online Kelly Loucy Yes
Best Practices for Online course with Required Service Learning Alison England No
Comparing Academic Outcomes in Online vs. Face-to-Face Environments Kortney Song Yes
Formative Assessment: Video vs. Written Reflection Effectiveness Rodney Ruiz No
Riding K-Wave: Engaging students outside the library Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
Want to talk about masturbation? A Silent Activity in Human Sexuality Olga Tsoudis Yes
3-D printed models Rebecca Currey No
Student Guides do it again! Peter Turner Yes