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Feminist Club Tables Outside to Educate on Intersectionality and Feminism

Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Feminist Club's focus for Women's History Month has been Intersectionality and Feminism. Club members tabled outside with posters on intersectionality in order to educate employees and students on its importance.  95% of those who attended the table did not know about intersectionality. After club members discussed the topic with attendees and shared their informational posters, attendees were encouraged to create a poster on intersectionality. The posters were placed on a clothesline for sharing. 90% of the attendees created posters that connected and demonstrated their understanding of intersectionality. Based on the posters created, it is evident that the Feminist Club members educated the attendees. Their event was successful and educational. Furthermore, it demonstrated the effectiveness of students educating each other. 

Attachments include: 1. club posters displayed to create conversation. 2. posters created by attendees after the conversation and 3. general information on intersectionality. Due to the large size of the Powerpoint to show the posters, I had to break it into three files in order to upload.

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March, 2017


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Nice job, Olga. I like how it shows the power of student action in an external-classroom campus event!

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Great job on this.  I am excited to see assessments outside of the classroom.  Is there anything you would change with this event?  Keep the same?  Will you do something similar to this in the future?  Any advice for future club leaders that want to hold an event and have it be successful with the outcome like yours was?  Thanks!

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WOW!!! I got goosebumps reading the posters! What beautiful, colorful, and impactful messages. This is a great way for students to learn they can educate other students in a fun, hands-on way. Inspiring student leaders to engage in campus activities such as this is crucial in developing well-rounded, educated students. The data shows these types of events may be sucessful in other areas as well. 

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Olga,  Thank you for being a continual source of wisdom in and out of the classroom.  I enjoy seeing students sharing with other students and connecting it to our value of assessment and learning college values...we are always learning in and out of the classroom...


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Great Job!  It is great to see students working together.