Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort ascending Updated
MAT091 Common Final Exam S16 F16 Sarah Lockhart Yes
MAT081 Common Final Exam S16 F16 Sarah Lockhart Yes
Why do I HAVE to go to tutoring?: Engagement with tutors is statistically significant Norma Jimenez Hernandez Yes
Feminist Club Workshop- Students Engaging Students Olga Tsoudis Yes
Counseling Division Mini-Retreat Catherine Cochran Yes
Summer Success Institute - Round 1 Melinda Sanchez No
Using Prezi to Make Research Writing Projects More Successful Jill Santy Yes
Learning Inquiry Grant: Who stays, who doesn't and why?: A survival analysis of BSCS students in non-prerequisite required courses. Olga Tsoudis Yes
Calculus Common Questions Becky Baranowski Yes
General Education Ability: Communication, Fall 2016 Peter Turner Yes
Feminist Club Tables Outside to Educate on Intersectionality and Feminism Olga Tsoudis Yes
PHY131/MAT231 LC Integration Dwain Desbien No
Engaging the Experience of Learning Gregory Hladysh No
Video Visits Capture the Experience! Peter Turner Yes
Learning Journal use in Introductory Biology for Allied Health (BIO156) course Catherine Parmiter No
Bridging Services Linguistically Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
Using a Syllabus Questions Document to Increase Student Use of Syllabus Benjamin Walton Yes
Form for Developing Speaking Skills by Watching Classmates Speak Benjamin Walton Yes
Document Enabling Critical Evaluation of Sources for Speeches Benjamin Walton Yes
MATLAB and Euler/RK4 Becky Baranowski Yes
The Positive Effects of Service Learning on Students' Emotional Intelligence Jill Santy Yes
Integrating Service Learning With EMCC's Learning Philosophy Jill Santy Yes
Student Engagement During College Success Week- Is it working??? Olga Tsoudis No
Weekly Wellness (WW) SMART Goal Tracking System into ENG101 Curriculum Inhye Peterson Yes
Scores Got Worse! Learning Improved! Cheri Hebert Yes