It's Not Just About the Competencies: Becoming Empowered Outside of the Classroom

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There were some incidents on campus last semester where students were not comfortable taking care of their personal space. We have found that students do not feel empowered to make decisions and share their thoughts. In order to be successful in life, students need the tools to be able to express themselves confidently, even if they are uncomfortable due to pressure and concerns of rejection. At times, social categories impact how much personal power we have and how we use it. This includes, gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, religion, etc. This workshop’s goal is to help those students to realize their value, their personal power and how to communicate it effectively. Two empowerment workshops (Positively Powerful Empowerment) were organized and presented by Dr. Joel Martin, an expert in this field. Please see attachments: 1. Outline of workshop and 2. Survey questions on learning outcomes and results from 125 respondents. The workshop was successful in meeting the learning outcomes. This project is an example of how action was taken on an issue observed on campus that impacts the future and lifelong learning of our students and community.

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display_name_fallback Tue, 11/21/2017 - 11:27am

Olga - Thank you for coordinating a campus speaker and organizing multiple presentations. One of my students "won" the speaker's book and was delighted to have it signed by Dr. Martin. I like the holistic approach you and Laura D. are taking to help students develop the skills that contribute to student success. Well done! - Laura

Becky Baranowski Tue, 11/21/2017 - 12:06pm

Thank you for organizing events like this.  I love how this benefits faculty, staff and students.  Thank you for taking time to write a CATS on an event with a speaker.  Do you have suggestions for future faculty/staff members on how to advertise and bring events like this to campus?