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Excavation Journal: Mining the Creative Mind

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 to Thursday, May 4, 2017

Students kept an Excavation Journal through the five weeks of ENH251: Mythology. They were advised to use their journal to record: observations, notes, questions, ideas, images, sketches, maps and artifacts in addition to the answers to the various Dig Sheets. Each Dig Sheet focuses on a particular area of world mythology, engaging the student in reflective thinking about assigned readings while also encouraging their use of creativity. Students determined the points they earned for each Dig Sheet by selecting the level they completed: Field Director (A level), Crew Chief (B level) or Shovelbum (C level). Two students have consistently selected Shovelbum, all other students have selected Field Director with only two dropping to Shovelbum on two dig sheets before returning to Field Director level. Additionally, to promote creativity students have access to art supplies each session and are encouraged to use them during class. The Excavation Journal is also used as inspiration for their Mini Myth Projects and the ENH251 Course Final.  Checking the journals on a regular basis and connecting it to other assignments demonstrated the significance of the journal.

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ENH251: Mythology


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So, you had an idea, designed a (very) creative set of interventions, and what were the overall results? Very interesting, by the way . . .