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Creation of a Calculus Concept Inventory Exam

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Jennifer Shannon
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Dwain Desbien
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Levi Torrison
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Fiona Lihs
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Holly Dison
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Angela McClure
Monday, January 2, 2017 to Friday, May 11, 2018

Several years ago, Holly Dison, math faculty, found a calculus concept pre-post test to give in our MAT22X courses.  This pre-post exam was copyrighted by another college, but approval was given to use it in our classes as long as we did not share the results with anyone.  The exam consisted of 22 multiple choice questions.  Each question is designed to see if students understand the CONCEPT; the problems are not procedural.  Each multiple choice option is designed to be common misconceptions.  The purpose of the tool is to help faculty see what base knowledge students have (pre) and what shift in knowledge occured by the end of the semester (post).  Three calculus faculty consistently gave the pre-post test.  Several of the questions were hard to understand, and two of them covered pre-calculus concepts.  The average pre-test score ranged from 4/22 - 6/22 with the average post-test score ranging from 7/22-10/22.  Physics typically has a large gain in their post test scores.  So, in Spring 2017, calculus faculty decided to write their own pre-post test.  Please see attached for more detail.   

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Please note that Ernie Chavez and Brooke Jenkins also assisted with this.  They are not in the CATS system to add them.  

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Fantastic job and a worthwhile project.  I look forward to seeing the comparison of your pre and post data!

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I am very excited to see the results.

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To me, the best part of this is the collaboration with your teammates that led to this project. When you put good teachers together to share ideas, good things happen. I bet the results will justify continued use of this pre-post design!