Title Author Full Cycle Created Sort ascending Updated
Communal Corrections: Facilitating Class-Led Peer Revisions in College Composition Courses Brittney Sifford No
Students Gaining Positive Perspectives About Research! Cheri Hebert Yes
Full STEAM Ahead!: An Assessment of EMCC's First Exposition Fair Norma Jimenez Hernandez Yes
"I love statistics": How mastery learning changed students' learning display_name_fallback Yes
It's Not Just About the Competencies: Becoming Empowered Outside of the Classroom Olga Tsoudis Yes
Question of the Day: What does this have to do with math? Michelle Breaux No
Don't throw your lecture out yet! Versha Anderson Yes
Kicking Off Hispanic Heritage Month Lorena Chacon No
Practice Practical for BIO 160 Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology Rebecca Currey Yes
"Le Repertoire de la Cuisine" Textbook Assessment Jon Hill Yes
Trigonometry: Teaching concepts "out of order" and contextualizing content Becky Baranowski Yes
Twice as many in half the time: Effective recruiting strategies for increasing PTK membership Norma Jimenez Hernandez Yes
If Men Could Menstruate: It's All in the Directions in the Assignment Olga Tsoudis Yes
Piloting an Online Tutorial: Moving Towards Intervention Elisabeth Rodriguez Yes
Utilizing Canvas Outside of the Classroom Jake Ormond Yes
Creating teamwork and collaboration through the use of Popsicle sticks Amy Johnson No
Biology Faculty Search - Strategies to hire the best Shannon Manuelito Yes
Comparing Final Exam Scores Becky Baranowski Yes
Destroying the Box: Learning to Unleash Creativity Learner Inquiry Group Erin Blomstrand No
Excavation Journal: Mining the Creative Mind Erin Blomstrand No
Increasing Student Comprehension and Engagement James Cerven Yes
Creation of a Calculus Concept Inventory Exam Becky Baranowski No
Learning About Culture In A Fun Way:Community Wide Black History Month Event Linda Cutright No
I want to go green, but will it bring down my mean? Examining differences in mean scores using paper vs. electronic quizzes in statistics courses Erica Wager Yes
Increasing Student Participation...with some chocolate Dori Navarette-Lynch Yes