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Assessment Happens Spring 2018

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Erin Blomstrand
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Michelle Breaux
Thursday, January 11, 2018

Assessment Happens: January 11 in CTL. Over 73 faculty, administrators and support personnel attended.   The SAAC Co-Chairs introduced the new format of other colleagues sharing “best practices”.  Erin Bloomstand and Michelle Breaux presented “It’s Okay to Fail.  52 evaluations were filled out.   Surveyed items:  Workshop content matched description. 33 strongly agreed, 16 agreed, 3 somewhat agreed;  The presenter(s) was effective. 38 strongly agreed, 8 agreed, 4 somewhat agreed; Content was relevant to my needs. 38 strongly agreed, 8 agreed, 3 somewhat agreed, 1 disagreed, 1 strongly disagreed; Was there anything you could implement? 43 yes, 8 no;  Length of the workshop. 46 comfortable, 5 too long;  47 shared ways they could use the material;  Feedback was positive with the participants appreciating the opportunity to interact and experience material they could apply.  Some were frustrated with taking time from prepping and recommended a clearer link between assessment and the material presented. Overall the event was a success.  The co-chairs will create a better connection for the Fall.

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Hi Teri, 

I think it would be interesting to include why the old model didn't work, or what you were looking to improve. This will also strenghten understaniding of how it has closed the loop. 

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Hi Jake - the old model was working.  We wanted to change things up because we have been doing the same thing for quite awhile.  The purpose of this CATS is to document Assessment Happens to show we review feedback and use the information to guide our next Assessment Happens.  This is continual improvement and may never fully "close the loop."  Every semester we want to try something new.  If you look, there is a history of Assessment Happens CATS submitted.  We want to continue this to show continual growth and try new things.  Thanks!