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Learning About Culture In A Fun Way:Community Wide Black History Month Event

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Coming soon.

Completed Full Cycle: 
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Linda - I am SO excited to see you submit a CATS on this.  I am looking forward to your abstract and what you'd like to do with this in the future.  It is wonderful that Student Services is participating in CATS now.  Thank you.  

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Linda - I have heard postive response from the Black History Month and I am happy to see you submit a CATS.  It has been exciting to see more and more faculty as well as staff sharing their wonderful ideas and activites.

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Thank you for submitting a CATS! It was a great event and a lot of learning going on as well as fun!! Thank you for your service on this event.

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From the survey results, this was clearly a success, Linda. As Becky said, the abstract that explains it all coupled with the results makes for a worthy CATS.