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Biology Faculty Search - Strategies to hire the best

Friday, August 12, 2016 to Friday, May 12, 2017

Many might agree that hiring new faculty is one of the most important faculty responsibilities. As hiring manager for the 2016/2017 Biology Faculty search, I used my past experience and best practices from the FCRRC to plan and implement specific strategies to focus on teaching to hire the best candidate for the position: removal of PhD in desired qualifications, post the position longer than minimum requirement, separate the micro teach from the interview, conduct an assessment of the process. The total posting time was 56 days and a desired qualification for a specific focus of discipline was used instead of the PhD. Additionally, separating the micro teach from the interview allowed for focus on teaching performance. All portions of the search were documented. See attached overview, evaluation, and results of the evaluation. Overall, all members were satisfied with the outcome and it was agreed that separating the micro teach from the interviews was preferred. It was also noted that this change provided some challenges for reference check completion. In the future, the timeline should be adjusted to complete reference checks prior to the final interview.

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August, 2017


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Hopefully it is ok if I comment as well (although I obviously have some bias here).  I am the applicant who was ultimately selected for the aforementioned Biology faculty search.  I was a finalist and interviewed for a number of other faculty positions (SUNY, USU, Broward College), and can unequivocally say that the EMCC selection process was the best organized and most thorough realtive to others.  I very much appreciated the opportunity to present in the mini-teach, as I felt like I could showcase what I intend to offer to EMCC students.  Expectations were evident, and communication clear throughout the process.  There was a bit of confusion with the HR scheduling, but the search committee proved to be flexible and understanding.  EMCC became my first choice following this interview process, as it reflected the professionalism of the staff.    

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Shannon, Thank you for sharing the hiring process and improvements. I am excited that you submitted a CATS on the process so that we can learn from it for future hiring committees. The formal assessment of the committee members is a great opportunity to gather data and see what worked and didn't. I like the idea of separating the interview from the micro teach. 

Thank you!