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PHY131 LC vs Traditional 131

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Becky Baranowski
Monday, August 22, 2016 to Monday, December 12, 2016

For only the second time EMCC offered PHY131/MAT231 LC this fall. While N was small (12 and 15) some interesting results were found. On CSEM post test both classes scored above national average of 47% and no real difference in classes. The LC improved dramatically from first exam to last (pre-final) where the other remained flat. It is encouraging that the LC even though the students started at least 1 MAT class behind performed as well and improved up to traditional class scores as semester progressed. Another way to look at this is LC allows students to progress through STEM pre-reqs faster and shows conceptual gains on par with those taking more classes before PHY131. While the number of students is small it does show the LC is a good idea.

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I am happy to see how the learning community is such a success. The students benefit so much from it.

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Hi Dwain - After I finish the calc I pre-post test, would you recommend starting a pre-post test for calc II, III and diff eq?  Do you have a pre-post for physics III?