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Assessment of Assessment Happens Spring 2017

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Thursday, January 19, 2017

The spring 2017 Assessment Happens was held January 12 in the CTL. Over 45 faculty and administrators attended, and for the first time a variety of support personnel also attended putting total attendance at 56. 43 evaluations were filled out. On a 5 point scale, all aspects were in the 4 point range with CATS of the Month Share Out (4.69) and the CATS Differentiated Workshop (4.65) scoring highest (except for lunch!). For the first time, there was not a professional development component. This was due to prior suggestions to increase the time dedicated to the CATS differentiated workshop. Both the scores as well as multiple comments for the workshop validated this increase. Lessons learned: keep the CATS of the Month Share Out and the Differentiated CATS Workshop for the longer time period than in the past (at least 35 minutes). Overall "The Race is On" game also received a good score (4.49) and some positive comments. It is clear from the comments that a set-up very similar to this one should be used for the next AH (with some minor tweaks). All of this data will be presented at the next SAAC meeting for their feedback. 

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Great assessment measure on our assessment methodology! 

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Hi Pete -

The share-out of CATS was particularly valuable to me. I'm confident that there are many people who want to participate in CATS, but like anything, get stumped with what to do or how to do it.  The share-out triggers lots of ideas and creativity and confidence to develop and submit an assessment to CATS.  It reminds all of us that we most likely use unique and effective teaching strategies, but don't envision it as big enough or sophisticated enough to share.  How wrong we often are!!! 

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Thanks for getting this written up.  We will definitely be looking at this for the Fall 2017 Assessment Happens meeting.  

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This is a perfect example of closing the loop. We have many events on campus that are evaluated. Unfortunately, the evaluation is usually a check box  (meaning we were required to do the evaluation).    If you multiply the hourly salary of every employee/faculty member attending a large meeting or event, this is a huge investment!  We should be evaluating these important investments and making changes based on feedback.