Service Learning Pre and Post Test

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What is the Need/Assessment

This is to assess the impact of Service Learning (SL).  

Describe the necessity for this change

Through the online surveys, it was determined that students were not aware of high impact of SL, let alone exposure to SL concepts. 

Describe what will be (or was) implemented to affect change

I will highlight the high impact of SL and the tangible benefits that my students received in the past when I announce the SL project in the future.  

Interpret, compare and describe the results of the change

After the student experienced their SL projects, all of the participants saw the relevancy between SL and their writing.  I also compared the post test results and student reflection papers to their grades earned.  

After analyzing the information, what are the next steps

I will continue to impliment SL into my online writing course, as the benefits clearly weighed greater than resistance.  Additionally, I will highlight the high impact of SL and tangible benefits that my online students received in the past when I announce the projects in the future, to positively reinforce PBL (Project-Based Learning) best practices. 


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Becky Baranowski Thu, 09/19/2019 - 10:56am


This is fantastic.  Having the pre-post survey is one of the best ways to see how our teaching practices make an impact upon student perceptions and learning.  Your post survey shows how much their thoughts changed during this experience.  I hope you continue to do things like this.