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First Online Math Course!

Monday, August 19, 2013 to Thursday, December 5, 2013

I ran MAT142 Online in F13, which is the first time our division has run an online course  Of the 31 who started the class, 20 will pass (with 1 depending on the final project score).  We had 5 written projects, and at the end of each project, I asked students to do a grade check which required them to give feedback on their progress and the course as a whole.  There were 3 common themes that I saw from the responses:

1)  Students felt projects did not reflect the learning they'd done in notes and homework.

2)  Students often waited until the last minute to even start projects.

3)  Project scores were considerably lower than homework and quiz scores.

So, I plan on 3 interventions for Spring 2014.

1)  Edit the projects by adding a video at the beginning to describe the connection between what was learned and what they are being asked to apply.

2)  Change the calendar to not give students as much free time to work on the project (since we are all creatures of habit and work on deadline)

3)  Scaffold the projects more to be compleded in smaller chunks.

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Andy, thanks for piloting our first online math class.  I am looking forward to seeing how things go for the spring semester.  

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Andy - I applaud your efforts! A number of things deserve kudos. First, you went were no other math faculty at Estrella has ventured - an online course. Second, you experimented with projects, which are more experiential types of learning and a hallmark of the learning college. Third, you had the students engage in frequent grade checks, AND compelled their frequent self-assessment. This is a very powerful learning tool. Finally, you evidenced the action research cycle by the modifications you are making for next semester. I really look forward to your sharing the results!

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Andy, great use of student results to impact coures design.  Let's wait to see how your Spring 2014 students due as a result of the changes, but I would be surprised if there wasn't significant improvement.