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In the last 5 years the chemistry program has made a switch to a fully active learning pedagogy. While we are finding this to be a huge success for the students, it is causing some problems for our instructors. Since this is a novel approach for teaching chemistry classes, most content qualified instructors are not familiar with how to present curriculum in this way. There is a class available through ASU, CHM594, which is a 3 week intensive class over summer, but we are not able to support our instructors taking it and so we are trying to find alternative ways of presenting the information. Our goal has been to develop strategies to improve our training and support, which will hopefully not only make it easier to train new instructors, but also help provide additional resources for our current ones and hopefully improve the learning environment for our students. To this end we have put together a set of online resources, including all basic class resources, ie. worksheets and labs; all full set of unit exams plus final exam which also ensure continuity between sections, and a set of instructional videos by experienced instructors showing how to present many of the topics.

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Fiona Lihs Sat, 02/22/2014 - 6:51pm

I need more space for written information, to introduce it and show how our assessment of this project is occuring, 1200 characters is not enough. :(