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Adobe Connect in Online ASB 223

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 to Friday, May 6, 2016

A key component of Anthropology classes is group discussion.  Students need to learn to respect other cultures but also their own, it is harder to connect & haver respect for people when they are faceless.  Having this discourse is hard in online classes where students get very little interaction other than in writing.

My online class will meet every week or two weeks in Adobe Connect.  I will use the software to take a poll to see how the students felt about the interaction (was it successful, did you participate, was it easy to communicate, etc.) After the semester is over I will collect the polling information and see what successes or problems the students had in communicating with me & each other.  I will also review the sessions & polling looking to see who participated, why, and if it allows similar discussions as to what happen in the classroom.

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ASB 223


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HI Kristy, This is an interesting way to increase interaction in the course. Have you tried the video reflections tool and have them comment to each other through video assignments? I look forward to seeing your results. Thanks, Olga

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I like your plan, and will be eager for you to share your results. What has kept me from using Adobe Connect is finding a common time for everyone to share. How will you address that challenge?

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That actually has been a major problem.  I can only get about 5 of 32 to even commit to a time much less actually show up.  So far this plan has not worked very well.  Most students wrote back right away saying things like "this class in on-line, if we have to meet, I have to drop" or "the only time I could meet is 11 PM" or a variety of other things.  I'll will keep trying but so far no luck.  It seems like an easy, good idea but it has turned very complicated.  Getting one or two to meet seems doable but even 15 doens't seem like it will happen, much less 32.