Assessment Happens Spring 2016

Submitted by Peter Turner on

Based on the evaluations of prior Assessment Happens (AH), the SAAC co-chairs (on advice of the committee) developed and facilitated the spring 2016 AH. Suggestions that were implemented were:

  • Continuation of the CATS Share Out
  • Differentiated CATS workshop
  • Continue Gen Ed Abilites summarization of prior semester assessment participation
  • Continue workshops on pedagogy/assessment best practices
  • Collect and report suggestions (see attached) for continuous improvement cycle
  • Continue Jeopardy!

Based upon the most recent evaluation of Spring 2016 AH, the goals based upon prior evaluations were met and satisfaction was generally high (see attached). Suggestions for improvement include: manage the time better to ensure inclusion of all agenda items, and find ways to encourage more faculty participation (including division chairs). Areas scoring high were the CATS share-out, Assessment Jeopardy, and the differentiated CATS workshop (these will all be repeated). Survey results are also attached. SAAC Co-Chairs will implement all of these suggestions at the Fall 2016 AH.

Completed Full Cycle
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Becky Baranowski Wed, 04/13/2016 - 12:21pm

This shows that assessment happens anywhere - not just in the classroom. 

Roselyn Turner Fri, 04/29/2016 - 9:31am

Thank you, Pete & Heather, and past co-chair, Erik, for always aiming for improvement in our Assessment Happens events.  From choosing healthier food options for the luncheon, to changing up the order of the day, to finding fun ways to inspire our faculty to get on the assessment bandwagon--you are all awesome.  You role model what you want from faculty--continual disatisffaction with the status quo, and focusing efforts for continual improvement.  When it comes time for the next HLC review, the leadership of the co-chairs will certainly be one of the banner reports!