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What is the Purpose of the Assessment?

I need a better system to track ideas for lesson -planning/ corurse enhancements

Describe the necessity for this assessment

I used to rely on post-its or a notepad to track ideas for (course/ activity/ assignment/ rubric/) improvement, but I did not have these handy or could not always find them when needed.

Describe how the practice will be implemented

I created the attached Course Edits Tracker in Google Docs and prepared one for each course at the beginning of the term and save them to a “Canvas Updates” folder in my Google Drive.



Interpret, compare, and describe the results

As a result of this simple strategy and tool, I have one easily accessible folder with documents I can retrieve whenever, wherever. This is especially valuable when preparing the Canvas Shells// updating materials or class projects/ rubrics/ activities.Example: Folder name “Canvas Updates” -  Sub-folder: Course Prefix_Course Edits. Documents: Course Prefix_Term_Course Edits Tracker

After analyzing, and reflecting on the outcome, what are the next steps?

Next steps include incorporating the edits outlined in the worksheet into the Canvas shells.  Additionally, to further foster student sucecss, I will incorporate feedback from others using the same Canvas shells.


Great ideas can happen anytime, anywhere. To make it easy to keep track of ideas for course/ lesson planning improvement, I developed a “Course Edits Tracker” worksheet in Google Docs for each ot the courses I teach. This document can be accessed anywhere, anytime, online. The form includes a field to track why the change is needed or how the idea will improve the course/ activity/ lesson along with a field to enter student performance/ measure/ outcomes of the proposed edits/ enhancements. This document has allowed me to become more intentional when editing my teaching materials and more efficiently udpate Canvas shells. 

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SPH241; SPA101, SPA117
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Teri Graham Mon, 03/18/2019 - 9:38am

Thank you for sharing your strategy with us through CATS.  This sounds like a powerful tool and could be very beneficial when we begin implementing the rubrics for assessing utiliizing CANVAS.

Catherine Cochran Mon, 03/18/2019 - 10:06am

Dr. Rosales,

Thank you for sharing.  This is great idea!  I also use post-its for new ideas and to remember to revise lessons.  I love the concept of incorporting the Google Drive.  I have been utilizing Google Drive for committee information and agendas.  

Amy Hill Tue, 03/19/2019 - 1:01pm

I love this idea Cecilia!!!!  I think it would also be a great thing to share with adjuncts who teach a course from one of our shells, so they can provide feedback that goes back to the residential faculty course champion!

Anna Quinones Wed, 04/10/2019 - 7:43pm

Great Idea!  I appreciate the organizational tool. I will borrow it and use it to track my own planning and course enhancements.