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eBook registration & course LMS: in-class demonstration vs. online tutorial

Monday, January 19, 2015 to Friday, January 23, 2015

This is the questions I wanted to answer:

Should I spend the first day of classes demonstrating how to register for the eBook and how to navigate McGraw Hill Connect- a robust LMS- or should students watch the videos at home?

In my SPA101 hybrid class, in addition to Canvas, we use an eBook and Mc Graw Hill's Connect

Last semester, students watched video tutorials to register for the eBook.

During the second week, some students complained the LMS was too complicated and, as a result, they had missed assignments. What could I do?

This semester, I decided to find out if it made a difference if I devoted the first class session to the LMS and all its bells and whistles.

The answer: No. It does not make a difference if we devote a whole class period to the LMS and eBook or if they watch the video tutorial online.

Although I was not able to completely isolate the variables, a side by side comparison of student scores from the first two weeks of the semester (see attached) shows the difference is not statistically significant.  

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Ahh . . the continual pursuit for a better, more efficient way! Noted and applauded.

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This is always a struggle for me, especially with fast-track classes.  I never feel like I have enough time to get them all the info they need.  I am glad you did this analysis.  Now you can focus on finding a new way.  

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I too have not found the most effective method for going over directions or processes, I fee your pain. 

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This is a great comparison. I'm curious about the student feedback when you explained the process in class. I walk students through the registration process on the first day and a lot of students are grateful and say that they would have had a hard time figuring it out on their own.