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Edible Book: Engaging Students for National Library Week

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Steven Peist
Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Using National Library Week as a vehicle for outreach to students has been a continual goal for the Information Resources Department. The purpose of the promotion of this week is to engage students to connect and celebrate their library, in this case, Estrella’s library. Previous endeavors included free food and promotional giveaways, however, these activities did not really engage in a connection between the Library, research assistance, and services. Seeking to engage students actively in interactive, inter-disciplinary literacy related activity, I approached Reading faculty and the College, in general, to participate in an Edible Book contest in honor of National Library Week. This was the first time holding such an activity at this college. It involved students making edible art/creations that incorporated literary works, themes, and puns. Faculty members volunteered their time as judges and students participated in an engaging activity with the faculty librarians. There were a total of 13 entries but over 20 participants in attendance. Requests to expand this activity for 2017 is currently underway. 

Completed Full Cycle: 
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This event resulted in innovation and interaction for faculty and students. I enjoyed reading what you will do for next year. It is such a creative activity. Hopefullyyou can get participation across disciplines.

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This is great that you are looking for different ways to get the students/campus involved with Estrella's library.  What a great innovative idea!  I look forward to seeing what you do in the spring.

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I too applaud the innovative approach to increasing student involvement. Do you have any numbers to show that this did in fact help your cause?

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This is an awesome student engagement idea!  This approach will appeal to all learning style tendencies.  I look forward to seeing  this on campus this year!