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How will this SOC course impact me after 16 weeks? Thinking about Gen Ed connections in the clasroom

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Monday, January 20, 2014 to Friday, May 9, 2014

After attending a Gen Ed presentation by Erin Blomstrand, I created a finals week assignment on the connection of course material in SOC 212(Gender & Society) to lives outside of Sociology. The assignment was: "How will each of the following topics impact you once you leave this course? Think about your future and the people around you. Are you concerned on how the gender issues will impact you personally and/or others?" Students participated in Spring 2014. Based on results, I created a plan to improve. In Fall 2014, I focused on weekly minute index card reactions to videos and asked students to discuss how the issue will impact them. In the attachment, I have indicated the student % who clearly stated how the topics impact them. The scores increased for each social issue. However, the lowest scores for were 1. global perspectives and 2. religion. Even though they increased, students find it difficult to understand how the 2 gender issues will impact them. The 2 gender issues seem removed from their immediate social environment (i.e. global perspectives) and difficult to change (i.e. religion). The one minute index cards assisted with the scores.

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SOC 212
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Hi, Olga -

I'm a new Adjunct who will be teaching an eight-week section of Sociology beginning in October. I'm attending the "Assessment in Action" workshop today and our closeout activity is to read and respond to a CATS entry. Checking one from my own Department seemed the logical thing to do,

Regarding the CAT itself, though, I like the way you have encouraged reflective and proactive thinking here. I do something similar as one part of one of the four project options I offer my own students. I'm going to be giving some thought to modifying that portion to better elicit evidence of reflective thought much as you are doing here.

Thanks for sharing your creative thinking.

Doug Peck

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HI Doug, Welcome to EMCC! I hope you have a wonderful class this semester.

Thank you very much for the feedback. Smiles, Olga

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I am assuming you are going to compare end of semester results with the beginning. What a great way to not only inform your instruction at the beginning of the semester, but to help you close the loop at the end of the semester!

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I try to work on this every week with the ticket out index card. I will keep you all posted :)

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Hope you continue to see a positive difference. I am impressed by the number of responses you sifted through.