Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

The Impact of Peer Mentors in Developmental Reading

Thursday, January 14, 2016 to Wednesday, April 13, 2016

For over three years, I have collaborated with peer mentors from the peer mentoring program in my developmental reading classes including rdg 081, 091, 095, and CRE 101 when the group looped up from RDG 091.  There has been a dramatic increase in student retention, course completion and completion of the next round of courses at the 100 level and above as compared to those sections without a peer mentor.  

Completed Full Cycle: 


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Steven - This is the perfect foundation for a CATS! Compare retention/completion/grade achievement numbers before implementing the peer mentors, give a description of what exactly peer mentors do, then compare prior results with current rates. I look forward to the completion of this CATS!

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HI Steve, This is a powerful CATS. Can we see some measurements over the semesters? Is there a survey that the students fill out about the peer mentor experience? Perhaps include that as well. Thanks, Olga