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Improvement in the classroom learning through voice threads and classroom activities (Nursing 152)

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Linda Benjamin
Friday, October 16, 2015 to Monday, November 16, 2015

This assessment is to help with the concerns of the students overall learning objectives, test scores, application in the nursing clinical setting, and critical thinking knowledge. We attacked the problem by doing a classroom assessment of all 29 students. The outcome of the assessment showed that learning and testing was on a roller coaster ride. So we became innovated and created voice threads with power points to be done at home, and the classroom became the s environment for active learning. So to evaluated the assessment we provided  one quiz and one exam after the assessment date of October 26, 2015. The research showed that testing, application in clinical, understanding the objectives increased by 15% for the low scores, but overall test scores remain in the mid 80's for the classroom. 

Proffesor: Brooks-Dillon and Linda Benjamin 

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Nursing 152
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This seems to be an example of "flipping the classroom"- making the lecture homework to free up classtime for active learning.  It also seems to have paid off in terms of higher exam scores.  I see that you said that exams improved by 15%, but can you show comparisons of the exams both before the intervention and afterwards?  I think that would help clarify the results.

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The attached (cats-2015) shows the 15% change in the testing scores.

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I like how you "persistant discomfort with the status quo" spurred you into trying something new! One of your nursing predecessors, Erika Aguirre, did something similar when she started flipping lessons and reaped considerable benefits in the form of her students' test scores. See at :