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Review of Chemistry storyline for 151/152

Thursday, September 13, 2012 to Friday, May 10, 2013

By journaling my class as the students see it I am looking at the fluidity of the story from the learners perspective.  In order for students to see the world as a scientist sees it they must understand the continuity of science.  It is my goal to give a clear and concise story throughout the semester that encourages the student as well as holds them accountable for previous knowledge.  

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Levi, journaling has become popular among the science faculty.  HOw do you measure if it was effective at improving student learning?

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Journaling can take on so many forms . . . do you have a template that students use when they journal? How do you assess the journals, and do they inform your instruction.

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This was actually my own journal.  I have had students journal the class for years and I decided to do it myself from the students perspective.  Right away I found holes in my storyline, so this semester I changed some of the order and added some background information.

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Did you complete the journal and find parts of the storyline that needs adjusting?