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See, Think, Wonder: Using Art to Inspire Critical Thinking

Tuesday, April 9, 2013 to Monday, December 2, 2013

In order to help students explore their prior knowledge and initiate creative and critical thinking about a new topic, students are shown a work of art at the begining of a new unit. The subject matter of the work of art is related to the general topic of the new unit. Students then write on 3 prompts reflecting on the work of art:

1) What do I see?

2) What do I think?

3) I wonder ...

I explain in more detail how these prompts are used to initiate critical thinking in the attached document.

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PHI 101
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I love the idea of integrating art into your new units as the unit "set." What a great way to encourage student involvement and incorporate higher order thinking skills!

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I agree with Pete that this looks like a great way to introduce students to the new unit in a creative way.  Do you have any URLs of a few of the works of art?

Also, how would you determine if this practice is more effective than what you were doing before?