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Transparency is Important: Student Conference Improvements in 2018

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Vickie Weeks
Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Tuesday, May 1, 2018
What is the Need/Assessment?: 

Student Conerence 2017 had an extremely low acceptance rate.  Some MCCCD faculty expressed that they would not participate in future Student Conferences due to several factors.

Describe the necessity for this change: 

The acceptance rate for proposals was less than 30% and faculty morale for attending was very low across the district.  Low faculty participation equates to limited access for some.

Describe what will be (or was) implemented to affect change: 

We included a feedback loop for students to receive guidance on their proposals and allowed them to revise and resubmit. See attached document for data analysis. 

Interpret, compare and describe the results of the change: 

The acceptance rate for Student Conference increased from 28.7% in 2017 to 70% in 2018 because we allowed students to revise and resubmit.  In so doing, this gave students access to feedback to improve the design of their research and presentation.  MCCCD faculty who attended previous Student Conferences commented that the quality of student work improved and the increase in the acceptance rate was statistically significant.  See attached document for details.

After analyzing the information, what are the next steps?: 

We hope that these measures of transparency, increased collaboration with other colleges, outreach and communication about the Student Confeerence across MCCCD, and the feedback loops in the proposal and judging stages will be adopted for all future Student Conferences given that EMCC hosts and this holds true to our learning college philosophy.  We cannot expect students to rise to the occasion of rigorous work without the feedback loops.


We increased the acceptance rate at the Student Conference 2018 while increasing rigor by providing scaffolding and a revise/resubmit process with support structures.  Acceptance rates rose significantly from 28.7% in 2017 to 70% in 2018 with added rigor as expressed by MCCCD faculty who had attended previous conferences.  Additionally, for the first time, 9 out of 10 MCCCD colleges participated in the conferences. There were multiple measures that the transparency increased rigor as well as increasing participation and positive perceptions about MCCCD's Student Conference given that the 2017 Student Conference gave MCCCD faculty cause for great concern.  (NOTE: Collaborators include Vickie Weeks and Samantha Palafox.)

Completed Full Cycle: 
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February, 2019


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Please make sure to read the attachment!

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Thank you for taking time to submit this CATS.  Giving students feedback so that they can resubmit is good experience for them.  This is a good teaching moment for them.  Thanks!

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Hi Norma,

Thank you for sharing this information.  I attended the Student Conference last year, and I thought it was a great opportunity for our students to showcase their research.  I was a judge at the Student Conference, and I met some very passionate students.  It was a great opportunity for me. Thank you for continuing to want to improve student research and learning.


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What an amazing difference your efforts made.  Thank you for sharing your experience and outcomes through CATS