Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Unit 3 ASL Practice: Places You Have Gone To

Friday, August 29, 2014 to Thursday, November 27, 2014

After learning some foundation of American Sign Language, students are expected to sign a short story.  On my video, I signed about three places I have gone to in the past, whom I went to, and what we did at these places.  Then I asked students to tell me the three places they have gone to, with whom, and what did they do.  There is no caption or translation on the video, and students are expected to understand what I am signing about.  There is a rubric to show what students are expected to perform - fluency in signing, knowledge of vocabulary, proper fingerspelling/numbering, use of spatial movements, and ASL grammar.  

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I like the practical application of signing a short story. My question is, what do you intend to do with the data you gather (besides assigning grades)? How will this inform your instruction?

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Students are expected to be able to communicate with a deaf person in proper ASL when they meet one at work or a public place.