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Using an Activity to Visualize Kidney Function

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Jeffrey Miller
Wednesday, May 11, 2016 to Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Osmosis and the movement of water is a common theme in biology courses.  Students first learn the concept in General Biology (Bio181/Bio156), then students have to apply it to human physiology in Anatomy and Physiology (Bio 201/202).  Students have a difficult time understanding this concept as evidenced by only 39% correctly answering a question about osmosis in the kidney on the unit exam.  To address this issue, I utilized a whiteboarding activity to have students critically evaluate how changing osmolarity in the kidney medulla affects water movement from the collecting duct.  I assessed their understanding by scoring a question on the unit exam.  I found that 54% of students correctly answered the question.  Thus, using the whiteboarding activity had a positive impact on student understanding of osmosis in kidney physiology.

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Bio 202


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Hi Weiru - I look forward to seeing if your student improve.  Did you get a chance to work on this during this week of accountability?  Keep us posted on your results.  Thanks!

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Visuals are very powerful (also known as a form of Nonlinguistic Representations), especially when generated by the students. I look very much forward to seeing your results, and examples of the visuals you use!

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I look forward to seeing your results!  I teach nursing and I find that students continue to struggle with topics like this even after they have completed their GenEd requirements.  Thank you for doing some research to assist us all in improving student outcomes!

Amber Chapman, Nursing Facutly