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Using the Online writing center for better results on essays in Reading

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 to Friday, May 1, 2015

Since Spring 2013, I have required students to submit their drafts to the Online writng center for feedback.  Over the past several semesters, I have seen their average scores go from 43 out of 60 on increase to 52 out of 60 on the short essay and from 62 out of 80 on the long essay to 70 out of 80 on the long essay.  I have made some revisions using submission links to canvas and hope to close the loop at the end of the semester for RDG 095, RDG 091, CRE 101 and RDG 081.

The goal is to get the student to understand a mindset that writing is not an accident and that planning the process helps improve the product.  

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Do you only use online writing center or can the students go in and get help in-person?  I wonder if it would make a difference.  I have noticed with my students that the do better with then sit with some rather than submit online.  

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You could say you have closed the loop if you want to. You certainly have the data to back up the efficacy of using the OWC. But, I applaud your wanting to gather more data to be sure.

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The online writing center is a wonderful resource for the students!