Comprehensive Assessment Tracking System

Service Learning

Improvement in the classroom learning through voice threads and classroom activities (Nursing 152)

This assessment is to help with the concerns of the students overall learning objectives, test scores, application in the nursing clinical setting, and critical thinking knowledge. We attacked the problem by doing a classroom assessment of all 29 students. The outcome of the assessment showed that learning and testing was on a roller coaster ride. So we became innovated and created voice threads with power points to be done at home, and the classroom became the s environment for active learning.

The Value of Authentic Learning Experiences in Building Confidence and Teaching Skills

The EDU students at EMCC strive to become future preK-12th grade teachers.  I strive to prepare my students for the reality of teaching by teaching the students to lesson plan, to provide effective instruction,  and in maintaining strong classroom management.   For the past 3 years, my students have learned the foundational skills in each area through in-class lesson plan writing and teaching their lessons to peers.  While this is valuable practice,  it is not the same as actually teaching children.   In order to provide a truly authentic teaching experience,  EDU students will create and f

ASL Expression Videos in Online SLG 102

Unit 7: Describing people's appearance and their actions.  I posted my video and picture.  I narrated based on the picture - about two men riding on a motorbike approaching two unsuspecting women near a shopping area.  I describe their appearances/clothing as shown on the picture, then I describe their actions.  A man at the back of the motorbike suddenly grabbed a purse and they ran away.  After students watch my ASL narration, they are expected to find a different picture that show at least two people with their action.

The "Learning" in Service Learning

Honors students in my Communication courses are required to propose and complete a Service Learning project. Documentation of Cognitive & Affective learning achievement and Critical Thinking skills are to be formally evidenced in a presentation. To promote deeper learning and thinking throughout the semester as the students engage in their projects, I expounded the Project Proposal to include their expected learning outcomes and thinking processes.  Throughout the semester students referred to their proposal as they logged their service activities, engaged in p

Service Learning Reflections & Social, Civic, Global Responsibility (SCGR)

Student reflection is an integral aspect of effective Service Learning practices and should demonstrate both Academic and Affective learning. In the past I used student-self-directed reflection, with minimal guidance or structure. In order to better assess SCGR proficiency, I (1) provided the students the rubrics for this ability, (2) reviewed them carefully, and (3) required adherence to the criteria in the presentation of Informative Speeches, adding the SCGR criteria to the evaluation instrument as part of the content grade.